Get 75% OFF Solid State Logic SSL X-Limit Until November 19th


Plugin Boutique launched a massive 75% OFF discount on the SSL X-Limit limiter plugin by Solid State Logic.

The SSL X-Limit limiter offers precision loudness control for buses and tracks, and it’s 75% off until November 19.

That means you can pick it up for just $27.49, saving $81.41 off the usual list price of $108.90. You can check out the sale on

The Windows and MacOS plugin is a highly visual bus and track maximizer with True Peak inter-sample limiting and multiple characteristics.

The Solid State Logic X-Limit is designed as an easy-to-use visual limiter with a smooth and musical output. It also allows you to pump your buses and tracks as loud as you want without the dread of clipping, which all engineers have nightmares about. 

The X-Limit has a range of characteristics on tap with its four presets: Auto, Transparent, Glue, and Punch.

Auto is a set-and-forget mode that adjusts the time constants according to the transients in the signal, Transparent is great for catching peaks on acoustic guitars and vocals, Glue is for creating a unified sound, and Punch is perfect for smashing a drum bus.

The all-in-one waveform visualizer allows you to intuitively set the threshold and ceiling to the incoming signal and dial the gain to push the loudness up while catching the peaks. 

You get plenty of feedback about how the limiting affects the stereo image of the signal through the unique Ducking and Steering meters. You can use this feedback to reduce stereo degradation with the Channel Link control.

SSL has also provided workflow optimizations such as Gain Match, Gain Lock, I/O difference auditioning and a Mix control. The latter allows you to bring the original signal back in, which is especially useful when you want to add punch and character, as opposed to controlling peaks. 

The SSL X-Limit dropped in July 2022 and got a warm reception among reviewers and buyers. There are also numerous quality demos of it in action on YouTube so it’s a known quantity for buyers at this point. 

In addition to the value you get picking up the plugin so cheaply, Plugin Boutique also currently offers one of the following plugins free when you buy the SSL X-Limit: Mellow 2, Vision 4X Lite and LA-2A Tube Compressor.

Check out the deal: SSL X-Limit (75% off until November 19th)


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  1. the list price is $108.90
    when they list this price, means this is the super inflated price that they think stupid people like us would fall into that trap and buy it.
    The selling price at pluginboutique is $27.49 which it is the real price you should always pay. Because that plugin is not worth more than $30, thats the genuine price.

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