Venn Audio Releases FREE Suite, Nine Essental Mixing VST Plugins


Venn Audio offers Free Suite, a collection of nine essential mixing plugins for macOS and Windows.

Venn Audio is the developer behind plugins like Quick-Haas and the very popular Free Clip. The developer has finally announced the stable release of the Free Suite.

Free Suite is a collection of essential mixing plugins designed to help you take your mixes to the next level without spending a penny.

You might remember the FX Collection from earlier this year, a plugin bundle Venn Audio shared with its Discord community. FX Collection served as a preview of things to come during the testing stage, and after much hard work and community feedback, the developers have released Free Suite.

Although Free Suite is a much more refined and polished version of the FX Collection, there’s more to look forward to, with various updates already in the pipeline.

Free Suite includes nine plugins:

Free EQ – A multi-band parametric EQ with a spectrum analyzer, adjustable bandwidth settings, and filter types. Future updates will provide steeper low and high-pass filters.

Free Comp – A nice compressor with a handy display showing both the compressor and output envelopes (You can adjust the Attack/Release of the output envelope). The FX Collection (alpha) release lacked knee control, which is now in the fully featured Free Comp.

Free Gain – A handy gain staging utility that allows fine adjustments.

Free Convolve – Drag and drop any impulse response with Wet/Dry, Decay controls, and an Auto Normalize function. Venn Audio plans an IR browser with stock IRs for future updates.

Free Delay – A delay set by steps, 16th notes, or milliseconds for a vintage tape delay effect. We can expect additional delay steps and filtering in future updates.

Free Tone – A test tone plugin for testing various plugins and visualizers.

Free Meter – True peak metering with integrated and short-term LUFS readouts. Speaking of true peak metering, the excellent Youlean Loudness Meter 2 Pro is available with a 41% discount until November 30th (it’s worth it!). You can demo the Pro version or stick with Youlean’s free version, which I think is one of the best freebies available.

Free Pan – A simple pan effect with individual gain and polarity invert controls for each channel.

Free Clip 2 – The popular clipper is back with an improved waveform display featuring horizontal and vertical zoom. The output meter now has a ceiling line showing where peaks are capped.

As you can see, Free Suite is a pretty comprehensive set of tools to help you through the mixing process to your final master. A bundle like Free Suite is a superb way for beginners to fast-track their mixing arsenal and get professional results. Free Suite is also a great addition for users of any level who want to utilize plugins that work well together.

For more free or discounted bundles, keep an eye on our Black Friday list.

All plugins are performance-optimized and fully resizable, with Linux builds in the works.

One final bit of news sure to please many is that Free Suite is a one-click download directly from the Venn Audio website – no sign-up, email, marketing, or analytics.

I can’t help but feel this will make it harder for me to explain why I will require all users of my future plugin release to submit passport numbers and wear early 2000s Jackass-like helmet-cams for 30 days, but whatever, good on Venn Audio!

Free Suit is available in AU, VST3, and AAX formats for macOS and Windows.

Download: Free Suite (FREE)


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    “Venn Audio Releases FREE Suite, Nine Essental Mixing VST Plugins…”

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    “…with Linux builds in the works.”

    YES! Awesome, these seem like no-nonsense, all-utility audio tools. I cannot wait to try them out! ^^

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