Chaos Audio Releases FREE Starlight Shimmer Reverb Plugin


Chaos Audio has made their Starlight Night Sky Reverb guitar effect available for free as a native plugin for Windows and Mac.

You can get a download link for the plugin by entering an email address on the product page linked below. 

The Starlight’s interface is set up like a guitar pedal, and the shimmer reverb is “designed to produce the wonder of staring up at the night sky.”

Chaos Audio states that Starlight is “a natural fit for pads and lead lines” and produces “twinkling octaves on the reverb trail.”

You can tweak the tone with the following parameters: Space, Lumens, Tone, and Mix.

Boosting Space will increase the size of the reverb, helping to get a lush and ambient tone, while Lumens dials in the amount of shimmer. 

Tone boosts the brightness of the trail, and Mix controls the wet/dry ratio.

As you can hear on the product demo, the plugin sounds exactly how you’d expect a verb called Starlight to sound and would be a natural fit for indie, pop, ambient, and anything that calls for a dreamy soundscape. 

While you can now get Starlight as a free plugin, it’s also included in Chaos Audio’s all-in-one multi-fx pedal Stratus. 

Chaos Audio describes Starlight as their “most popular reverb,” but Stratus has a lot more going on for it, with the company stating it opens up access to over three million tones. 

Stratus is a multi-fx platform that includes a five-minute looper with unlimited overdubs. 

The unit features 30+ digital pedals that can be combined to create a chain of up to seven pedals. 

The possibilities for the small-footprint Stratus pedal are opened with Chaos Audio’s mobile app, where you can edit the pedal chain and parameters. 

The developer states the app enables users to easily configure any combination of effects and rapidly program the sounds they want. 

Chaos Audio also regularly updates the Stratus with effects made both in-house and by third-party brands. 

The Stratus costs $379 and includes a 90-day return policy. 

The pedal was initially funded by a Kickstarter campaign that launched in June 2021. 

Chaos Audio beat their $10,000 Kickstarter goal many times over by raising $132,983 for the project, then began shipping the Stratus in December 2021. 

Download: Starlight (FREE – email required)


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    • actually it makes sense that it is mono because it seems to be one part of the programs that the hardware pedal is offering, that pedal seems to be mono.
      but its true, it is a bit dissapointing for daw purposes if there is no stereo algorithm. i would consider making things stereo a basic and important function of reverb in general, though mono is ok for some effect purposes sometimes in my opinion.
      maybe there is still some fun in this plugin, allthough it seems to be more of a demo for that pedal than a proper daw reverb.
      another thing that could be mentioned is in which formats the plugin is available.

  1. In a scope, it sure looks stereo, the space control acting on the spread of the sound it seems. Sounds pretty cool to me. Thx a lot.

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