Sonible Smart:EQ 4 Is Available For €89 Until January 20 (Intro Price)


Sonible just released the Smart:EQ 4 Intelligent Equalizer and has made it available at an introductory price of €89 for Mac and Windows.

Smart:EQ 4 is on sale until January 20, 2024, after which the plugin will be listed at the standard price of €129.

On Mac, the plugin is available for VST, VST3, AAX and AU, while Windows users can choose from VST, VST3 and AAX.

Sonible calls Smart:EQ 4 “another leap forward in AI-powered spectral mixing” and promises that it “reaches new territory with its multitrack unmasking; providing an EQ that lets the user mix both bottom-up and top-down.”

The latest release is a major update for Sonible’s AI-assisted Smart:EQ plugin.

The Austrian developer has increased the versatility of the plugin with the Smart:EQ 4 release, and added new control features. 

New features for Smart:EQ 4 include Smart:filter, which allows spectral balancing of mixes, buses and single tracks, as well as cross-channel processing between instances.

There is now spectral mixing via drag and drop, with a group view for managing an unmasking hierarchy of up to ten tracks.

The plugin also offers an expanded and enhanced range of profiles for instruments, speech, and mixes sorted by genre, as well as the ability to create custom profiles using reference tracks. 

Sonible has included Auto Gain, Comprehensive M/S processing, smart states, and dynamic controls for regular filters with Threshold, Ratio, Attack, and Release controls.

The plugin also features ‘remote control’ of EQ for multiple tracks in any instance within the same Group and a selectable processing mode for the Smart:filter (Track, Group, Track & Group).

Sonible has taken into account user feedback on previous iterations to present these improvements. 

One example of this is that they have now included the ability to specify the maximum learning time that Smart:EQ 4 will use to analyze a reference track. 

The developer states that Smart:EQ 4 represents a progression towards a holistic approach to mixing and that the EQ allows producers to efficiently “work top-down with the bigger picture in mind.”

This approach is in contrast with a bottom-up approach to mixing, where you start with individual parts and build up the mix piece by piece. Smart:EQ 4 is designed to allow both approaches.

The system requirements for Smart:EQ 4 are Windows 10 (64-bit) or MacOS X 10.14+.

Check out the deal: Smart:EQ 4 (Introductory price – €89 until January 20th)


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  1. There’s a $29 upgrade through their site or Plugin Boutique if you have SmartEQ3 and I gotta say there’s less and less reason for me to use other EQs. This is the best AI EQ out.

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