Excite Audio Offers Bloom Vocal Aether ($59)


Plugin Boutique released the Bloom Vocal Aether ($59) virtual instrument by Excite Audio. 

There is no shortage of vocal-driven samplers, synthesizers, and so forth on the market. From the earliest romplers and samplers to today, the human voice has been a fixture of electronic music.

Excite Audio’s Bloom Vocal Aether might not seem different on the surface from other samplers, but something about its workflow makes it appealing. From now until the 29th of February, you can snag it for an intro price of $39.00.

Bloom is a vocal sample engine that specializes in phrases, ad-libs, drones, and quite a bit more. If you’ve ever combed through vocal samples on Splice looking for something that fits into the key of your track, it might just be what you’re looking for.

The default interface is simple and clean, showing a 3D representation of the sound wave and coming with a few different triggers at the bottom. Rather than being able to play it with a keyboard chromatically, Bloom focuses on trigger phrases through key switches.

The edit mode reveals the real meat and potatoes of everything. From here, you can assign samples to the different key switches, adjust and apply effects, and set the key for sample playback.

This might not be useful for users who do a fair few key changes, but I’m sure you could make it work with a little finagling.

I’ve been testing Bloom since January and find it an interesting instrument. The vocal samples on offer are modern and come prepped for a variety of different genres.

I primarily make liquid DnB these days, so I could certainly see some use for the more soul and RnB-oriented vocal samples contained within. If you prefer vocal chops, there are options for you as well.

Vocal samples can be organized into banks, with 14 samples in total per bank.

All said, Bloom is an interesting instrument. It isn’t a typical sampler in the vein of something like the TAL Sampler or Ableton’s Simpler, nor is it more chop-oriented like the Serato Sample. It’s something all its own, which does inspire its own sort of workflow.

Check out the deal: Bloom Vocal Aether ($59)


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  1. Probably should remove the whole news article, this has been out for a month or so already and this $59 price is the highest it’s ever been, so I don’t think it qualifies for the bpb brand.

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