Minimal Audio Hybrid Filter Is FREE With Any Purchase


Until the 31st of March 2024, you can grab Hybrid Filter by Minimal Audio as a gift with any purchase at PluginBoutique.

If you own Rift Filter Lite, one of Minimal Audio’s previous freebies, then you may immediately see Hybrid Filter as its bigger brother.

It shares some similarities with the old freebie, but it brings plenty more features to the table.

To start with, Hybrid Filter offers a huge number of filter types, with more than 50 to choose from.

Apart from the classical filter shapes we are all accustomed to, you can find creative formant, comb, and morphing options too.

The Safe Bass feature is great to keep your low-end intact and mono-compatible.

Typically, within a bass-music context, you want to create interest in your basslines by applying modulation and effects to the mid-range and upper-mids only.

The built-in Envelope Follower with adjustable Attack and Release times is a perfect candidate for automatic sweeping effects of the Cutoff and Morph controls.

Other types of modulation included are the Amp Modulation to create additional harmonic content or the Tuned Cutoff mode, where you can set the filter cutoff using precise note values to create harmonic resonance effects.

The Spread knob is useful to quickly create super-wide filtering effects and open up the stereo field of your mono sources.

A Soft-Clip limiter is included too, offering two flavours of soft-clip limiting to keep levels in check or add some saturation when needed.

The central display of the plugin features a real-time filter response to visually see what’s going on in terms of modulation and filtering.

At the bottom, you can blend in the amount of processing in parallel with a Dry/Wet slider.

I’d suggest you first pick up a filter type and get accustomed to its sound by playing just with the Cutoff and Resonance controls before getting more advanced.

Whenever you feel confident, you can tailor the desired effect with the extra features at your disposal.

Hybrid Filter is available for both Windows and macOS systems in 64-bit AU, VST, VST3, and AAX formats.

An internet connection is required for the plugin activation.

Get the deal: Hybrid Filter (FREE with any purchase @Pluginboutique until March 31st)


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  1. SkrubWhoSucks


    They were selling this at 95% off at their own website before this, so I ended up already spending the 5$ on it. Now that it’s free, I highly recommend grabbing it. Been using their Rift Filter lite as my go to filter for the last two years or something, and this is just a better version of that. :D

    • CoopMusic247


      I’m gonna get this for free with my next purchase, but I’m wondering if this is something in Current since I think Current can let audio in and be used as an effect. Looks cool though.

  2. Just got myself Tone 2 Ultraspace for free with latest Computer Music. So I have satisfied my cravings for FX today.

    But tomorrow could be Hybrid…

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