Rift Filter Lite Is A FREE Morphing Filter Plugin By Minimal Audio


Minimal Audio offers the Rift Filter Lite ($49 value), morphing filter plugin as a free download for a limited time. Rift Filter Lite is available in 64-bit AU, VST, and VST3 formats for digital audio workstations on Windows and macOS.

The plugin is listed as free for early adopters with a value of $49, so check it out while it’s free.

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Rift Filter Lite is a next-gen morphing filter packed into a compact interface. As morphing filters go, the sound that comes to mind for me is the stereotype vowel-shaping, and I’m not a massive fan of it. But, of course, there’s more to morphing filters than that.

In the past, I have used morphing filters to create unusual synth pads and more so to create tonal percussion with complex rhythms.

On paper, Rift Filter Lite promises to be more flexible than the average morphing filter. Based on the number of options it provides, it certainly appears to be more versatile than most.

There are 24 unique filters split between 4 filter types, which are Basic, Morph, Peaking, and Harmonic.

Basics are standard 24db filters with the usual LP/HP/BP/, notch, and peak types. Peaking filters are used to create formant or phaser-like effects. Harmonic filters are based on the harmonic series, and morphing filters morph between the different types.

One of the interesting things about this plugin is that you can map the filter cutoff to different parameters. When mapped to Hz, it works as standard, but when mapped to tune, the cutoff is set to a specific note value. The last and most interesting option is MIDI. When mapped to MIDI, the filter’s frequency tracks MIDI notes that the cutoff then transposes by semitones. It definitely provides more flexibility in shaping your sound.

In tune and MIDI modes, you can create melodies with the filter. You can even pitch snap the cutoff by selecting the notes it should snap to and notes it shouldn’t.

The other controls are pretty straightforward; resonance, morph, spread, and filter mix. Depending on your filter settings, the morph knob can throw up some interesting effects. The spread knob adjusts the cutoff of the left and right channels. For example, turning it up makes the right filter higher, and the left lower; turning it down does the opposite.

The filter mix slider is a simple dry/wet mix control.

I like when developers take a different approach, and I think that’s what Minimal Audio is about. As much as I think Rift Filter Lite is an impressive first step, I’m more excited to see what the future holds.

Download: Rift Filter Lite (64-bit VST/VST3/AU plugin format for Windows & macOS)

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  1. IrionDaRonin


    Can’t choose folder to install. Marvellous.
    Edge said protected my computer from malware.
    Windows said the same.

    Thanks, tho.

    • Yeah, my Windows Smart Defender showed that too, but I clicked Run Anyway, and it installed, no issues, it just a false popup. If there is no Run Anyway option on your Defender Smart Screen pop up, just disable the Windows Defender Antivirus and run it, that will do it, I think this is happening because the Smart Screen cant seem to identify the installer developer, i.e. Minimal Audio. I guess, overtime the Smart Screen will start to recognize this developer and not block their installers

    • I often have that issue with macOS not wanting to run anything from unknown developers. It rarely means there is anything wrong, so if I know the developer to be trusted, I go ahead and open it anyway, bypassing the firewall.

      From what In A Week said, it seems like it will be fine if you have a Run Anyway option.

      I hope it works out, and enjoy!

    • First of all: Thank you for the article James, a really cool filter with great modulation capabilities.

      As others have commented, the malware warning is probably because the file isn’t yet well known by the detection algorithms.

      Regarding the folder choice:
      Agreed, I think it would be helpful if this were customizable. At least on Windows, the path for VST3 plugins is fixed anyway, they’re always in Program Files\Common Files\VST3.

      And if you want to move the VST2 version, it’s in Program Files\VSTPlugIns by default.

    • Minimal Audio



      Ben from Minimal Audio here.

      Thanks for taking the time to check out Rift Filter Lite and posting some feedback!

      For the malware warning – unfortunately, we got hit with a false positive since we’re a brand new company (5 days old). We’ve been working with Microsoft to resolve this as quickly as possible, so hopefully, the warnings should be gone soon.

      As for the custom install folder, I completely agree that this needs to be fixed, and we will be posting an update within the week that you can download from your user account. For now, the plugin files can be found here:

      VST .dll: C:/Program Files/Vstplugins
      VST3: C:/Program Files/Common Files/VST3

      If there’s anything else, please let me know!


    • Minimal Audio



      We’ve updated the Rift Filter Lite installers, and you can now customize the location for any of the files or leave them out if you prefer.

      If you’ve already received Rift Filter Lite, you can grab the new installer by logging in to your account and then navigating to Products & Downloads.http://minimal.audio/account

      Regarding the Windows warnings — unfortunately, we were hit with a false positive that seems to be gone on all browsers but Edge now. Our installers are verified, and we’ve been working with Microsoft to get all warnings removed.

      Here’s some info that Microsoft sent us:
      “Applications that are signed with a standard code signing certificates need to have a positive reputation in order to pass the Smart Screen filter. Microsoft establishes the reputation of an executable based upon the number of installations worldwide of the same application.”

      You should be able to click through and download the installer if you’re still having this issue.

      I hope that helps! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

      Ben from Minimal Audio

  2. I would never pay $49 for such a plugin. But it is nice little tool as freebie. Hands on GUI, makes it easy to tweak and quickly shape interesting sounds. It is a bit annoying that one can’t chose where to install the dll, and also that one needs to go online to register it, but I feel that is minor issues in the end. I am glad to have this plug :-)

    • Price tag is for people who feels good only if they save some money. This is more an announcement for full RIFT plugin that is now blurred on their website but was clear yesterday 😊

      • I have dozens of filters, and I am not in the market for a filter. But a freebie is always interesting to check out.

  3. Tomislav Zlatic


    Btw, a big THANK YOU to BPB readers RyotaLore, Georg, and Christian for the info about Rift Filter Lite!

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