Get 50% OFF Moog Mariana Virtual Synthesizer


Until March 16th, You can get Moog’s Mariana Bass Synthesizer for only $49.00 at Audio Plugin Deals, which is a 50% discount.

APD is never short on deals. This offering is sure to please the analog bass fanatics in the audience.

The Mariana synth from Moog hasn’t found a home on my SSDs just yet, but I know I’ll crumble eventually.

There are plenty of Moog emulations on the market, but it’s something different when you get a virtual instrument from the company itself.

Now, I know Moog is no stranger to software. iOS users are likely accustomed to Model D, Model 15, and the stellar Animoog Z.

Unfortunately, Moog-powered desktop software has been a bit scant. The release of the stellar Moogerfooger pedals in plugin format was a step in the right direction, but we were missing a synth.

And that’s where Moog Mariana steps in! A fully-featured virtual instrument plugin from Moog!

Mariana’s singular focus is providing world-class synth basses. To this end, you’ve got a pair of oscillators, that trademark Moog filter, and some other odds and ends to help you sculpt the right sound.

The oscillators sound huge, which is to be expected. You’ve got a selection of standard waveforms, but that’s to its benefit.

I wouldn’t pick up a synth like this to create some sort of wild, tear-out bass. It does just fine for bass drones, plucks, Reeses, and wobbles.

The sub-filter helps hone in on the low-end, which is befitting, given the name of this particular plugin.

The high-pass filter also helps to scoop out some of the mud from the signal. You’ve also got a variable noise source, which is fairly novel to me.

I’m used to selecting my own noise profiles in something like Phase Plant, but not something with this sort of design ethos.

Mariana falls short regarding included effects, but there is a catch. If you happen to snag the Moogerfooger effects plugins, it can easily receive CV input from those plugins. That means you can use the LFOs and other functions to modulate things. I would’ve loved a delay, but such is life.

Snag it while you can, as the Moog Mariana sale ends in four days.

Check out the deal: Mariana Synthesizer (50% off until March 16th – $49.00)


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  1. Just a heads up, I’ve seen this at this price many times since it’s release (including just a month ago). So if someone is on the fence, no need to make rash decisions, it’ll most likely be available at this price many times in the future. The synth itself looks like a supercharged Moog Minotaur, but I’ve read plenty of criticism about it’s filters, un-analog behavior etc, so do your research first!

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