Get 2B Played Music’s SlimVerb FREE Until March 15th


SlimVerb is an algorithmic reverb plugin from developer 2B Played Music, and it is available for FREE until March 15.

Oh, reverb plugins, who doesn’t love just overusing you?

If you’re looking for a different reverb flavor or just need a little variety in your selection of reverbs, then 2B Played Music’s SlimVerb might be the cure for what ails you.

From now until March 15th, you can grab SlimVerb for free with the code SLIMFREE at checkout. We covered this plugin during the previous freebie offer, but it bears a little exploration one more time before you’re on your way.

SlimVerb functions as a cutdown version of the more premium PrimeVerb. You’re still getting access to the same algorithms, but the controls and parameters are slimmed down. SlimVerb is a paid reverb for all intents and purposes, but getting it for free is always a welcome sight.

You’ve got a handful of controls at play. The drive function is terrific and something I’ve grown more accustomed to utilizing since finding it in SoundToy’s SuperPlate.

You’ve got dampening controls and low and high EQs to accentuate the reverb’s tail as needed. Dialing in the pre-delay and size of your reverb is also a piece of cake.

The mix knob is always a welcome sight, especially on a reverb. It works fine here, allowing you to adjust the clean and processed signal balance.

You’ve also got access to a high-pass filter, which I’m fond of having in any reverb. It’s useful for keeping the bass frequency range clean and focused. Of course, this can be done with a separate filter, but the fewer plugins I need to throw in front of or after a reverb, the better.

SlimVerb’s interface is neat and tidy, which is great if you’re not a fan of control-heavy reverbs. I generally tend to skew more toward simple sets and forget reverbs myself, so SlimVerb might be it when looking at 2B Played Music’s reverbs.

This giveaway will not last forever, though. You have a few days before it is gone for good on March 15th and the plugin returns to its usual 29 price tag.

SlimVerb is available for Windows and Mac computers. Supported plugin formats are VST3 and AU. I’m not a Pro Tools user, but there seems to be zero support for AAX at the time of writing. Mac users have the option of using it regardless of being on Intel or Silicon.

Download: SlimVerb (FREE until March 15th using code SLIMFREE at checkout)


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  1. This sends me on an endless loop of email verification since I am returning member. Never validates and keeps attempting to as I’m not allowed to download it. Weird.

  2. Bonjour, je l’ai téléchargé hier 14 mars, j’ai voulu l’ouvrir aujourd’hui 15 mars (France), et le système me demande une “license key”, que je n’ai pas !

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