Fanan Team Launches FREE Bella Virtual Instrument for Windows


Yesterday, Fanan Team launched the free Bella bells and mallets virtual instrument for Windows. 

Bella uses a chord-driven step sequencer to “create a vast [array]of instrumental phrases.”

The developer states that these phrases can be used “in many musical events like songs, EDM, experimental music, ringtones or even smartphone notification sounds. You can also create interesting transitions or background accompaniment.”

Bella is a synth with eight bell and mallet models as well as “traditional synthesis features”.

Fanan Team hosts a ‘no talking’ demo of Bella on the product page, demonstrating the instruments’s sound by running through the different presets. 

The latter includes a lo-hi filter and portamento (gliding) effect. 

Also included is an effects section with wah, space-based reverb, and delay.

Fanan Team said that the real fun with Bella starts with the step sequencer.

​The sequencer can follow “any kind of played chord and create complex arpeggios, while synced (or not synced) to the DAW’s tempo and time signature.”

The sync time button syncs to the DAW’s time signature, while the BPM syncing button adopts the DAW’s BPM. 

You can save the programmed sequences to an independent file and load them in with any preset. 

Fanan Team says: “Overall, Bella focuses on simplifying the programming process and creating new musical events with ease.”

To my ears, the sound of Bella has a retro vibe to it. The sounds would be a natural fit for throwback music, ambient, soundtrack work, sound design, and in particular, video game soundtracks and effects. 

Listening to some of the presets made me visualize a retro-style platforming game like Fez. 

The Bella Zip file is 68.2 MB, and you can access the file in two clicks from the product page without any personal information being required to get the file. 

Bella is compatible with VST and VST3 formats. 

Bella is the latest addition to the extensive array of plugins available on the Fanan Team website.

The site offers 20 free plugins, which can be downloaded from the Packs & Purchase page. 

Fanan Team also offers low-cost plugins, which can be bought in three bulk packs priced at $17, $20, and $30. 

Many of the paid plugins are the full-featured version of the developer’s free plugins.

Download: Bella (FREE)


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