Organic Instruments releases Ukulele, a FREE instrument for Elemental Player


Developer Organic Instruments has released Ukulele, a free instrument for Elemental Player.

You may remember the introduction of Elemental Player, a free virtual instrument player for macOS and Windows, around November 2023.

Since then, Organic Instruments, the creator of Elemental Player, has released a few free libraries, like Felted Piano, Glockenspiel, and Ukulele.

Ukulele is the latest release, and as I’m sure you’ve guessed, it brings us the unmistakable sound of a ukulele.

I imagine there will be a few raised eyebrows before hearing the new library because ukuleles, like acoustic and electric guitars, sometimes sound more like toys in virtual form than real instruments.

Ironically, I own a very real ukulele, but my clumsy playing makes it sound incredibly unrealistic. In cases where I need to record a tricky/speedy pattern, I’d likely pass the uke to someone else or grab a virtual instrument like a Ukulele so I can comfortably play any pattern using a MIDI keyboard.

So, if anyone’s ready to skip this one, give it a try first; it can sound great; it just depends on context and how you play it.

Ukulele provides a uke’s typically warm and vibrant sound, recorded in three distinct styles/articulations: Plucked, Over-Plucked, and Muted.

The interface is also typical of Elemental Player, with a simple design and a few adjustable parameters.

Ukelele provides controls for Reverb (Size and Width), Dynamics, Gain, and an ADSR envelope.

Organic Instruments has done a good job of capturing the playful and charming character of a ukulele. It’s clean, crisp, and resonant enough to sound like it’s coming from a wood-bodied instrument in the right mix; of course, a few tweaks always help.

The ukulele sound lends itself well to just about anything that you want to evoke feelings of fun and happiness. But you don’t have to go for a tropical island vibe just because that’s the norm.

One of my favorite things to do with any instrument with somewhat of a signature sound is to do the opposite. It’s nothing new, but I often feel like instruments you expect to be warm, bright, and happy are incredibly impactful when used in a darker context.

Thanks to all who entered the Midnight giveaway; some of your selections were a delightful blast from the past!

Download: Ukulele (FREE – Elemental Player required)


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    • Or just use both of them. Formby and OI Ukelele are excellent and have their own sound and vibe, each being different enough from the other to warrant having both in one’s plugin arsenal. iLok be damned! (But understandably, your mileage may vary in that department. I’m not in the anti-iLok camp so I’ve no problem with using it.)

      • I just noticed the iLok wasn’t mentioned in the article and it’s a bummer to find out about that while installing a piece of software.

        • Amazing that you have to jump through hoops with free software as with the paid software. I’m gonna see if the elemental player or the UAD player will be of a benefit to me.

        • Yeah, I can see how it would be a bit of a hindrance if you’re expecting a quick and easy, free download with no copy protection only to discover that you have to deal with the iLok authorization process.

  1. SoundProps has released “LT-D Bass” – a free NI Kontakt library based on an old double bass.
    (KONTAKT full version is required v6.8.0)

  2. Organic Instruments doesn’t get enough love. I really like their minimal design GUI Elemental Player plugin. There are some really nice soundsets available; I’ve now got a decent little collection of them.

    Sidenote: While I’ll always prefer a simple serial number for copy protection, I really don’t mind dealing with iLok at all. I have quite a few plugins that require it and it’s yet to give me any problems.

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