MNTRA Instruments Releases FREE Sur Drone Instrument


MNTRA Instruments has just released a brand-new free instrument called Sur, which is compatible with their free MNDALA 2 Engine.

It is an instrument designed to capture and reproduce the sound of the drone in Indian classical music.

It features meticulously recorded Tanpuras and Shruti Box acoustic instruments, with up to 384khz/32-bit extended ultrasonic range sample sources for an obsessed focus on sound quality. 

Sur offers a sonic foundation for spiritual expression and aesthetic beauty and can be a perfect fit for ambient and meditative musical compositions. 

As mentioned above, it is powered by the advanced free MNDALA 2 engine, full of deep sound design possibilities and with an inviting interactive interface. 

Sur also features a deep micro-tuning system and creatively processed samples through bespoke distortion, granular modules, modular envelope followers, and guitar pedals. 

It is certainly a unique instrument to add to your toolbox and to discover the intricate nuances of popular Ragas with precision and authenticity. 

The proprietary Animistic Performance Interface lets you control a deep network of parameters with 3 real-time rendered animations corresponding to the three axes X, Y, and Z.

They can be seen as creative macros to instantly transform the loaded patches in expressive ways.

These interactions can work with your mouse or be mapped with any external MIDI keyboard for a more performative application.

In some ways, the philosophy behind this interactive interface reminds me of other great modern musical software like Cube by Lunacy Audio.

Personally, I love the quality and expressiveness behind the design of these instruments because they can work perfectly for both beginners and seasoned producers.

Talking of Sur, it contains 16 Raga presets with 8 instrument sound sources.

According to the developer’s page, this is a free taste of an upcoming premium product called Naada.

The MNDALA 2 engine is available as a VST3/AU plugin for Windows and macOS users, and it includes full M1 chip support.

The installation of Sur and other MNTRA releases is hosted inside the MNDALA plugin and requires you to log in to your account with an internet connection.

Due to the size of these libraries, installing them on a separate hard drive is recommended.

Download: Sur (FREE after registering an account on MNTRA Instruments)


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