Oi, Grandad, the FREE granular synth receives a 2.0 update


There are a few contenders, but Oi, Grandad is perhaps the best plugin name yet. Much to my delight, the quirky synth has been updated and is now in version 2.

The developer expressed a desire to release a sequel to Oi, Grandad, but plans for an entirely new product were put aside to update the original plugin.

If you missed our first Oi, Grandad post back in 2022, it might be a good idea to check it out.

The update comes with some significant changes, including new features, enhancements of existing features, and fixes.

Oi, Grandad is still a four-voice granular synth, but now, each voice offers up to four position sliders and a per-voice waveguide resonator.

Modulators now have four selectable stages, and multiple pitch quantization options are available. The update takes the core functionality of the original plugin and lets you go deeper with more control.

Oi, Grandad v2 also has an enhanced interface, providing a much smoother workflow than its predecessor.

It has a dedicated Master Control page that allows you to make quick changes to each voice. The new GUI has more useful visual feedback than before, with LED indicators for round-robin mode.

The original Oi, Grandad, was quirky by name and somewhat quirky by nature. It had some flaws (some minor annoyances and some a bit more severe), like glitching out with any buffer size less than 512 and the more problematic disappearing modulation knobs.

Version 2 addresses some past problems, and now, modulation knobs don’t disappear, the Drone knob resets when changing presets, and Xfade transitions are much smoother.

Users of the original plugin will be glad to know that v2 is approx 80% compatible with v1 presets.

Oi, Grandad isn’t the only quirky granular synth we’ve covered; early this year, Strange Loops Audio updated the fun and musical gRainbow to version 1.0.0.

When I first encountered Oi, Grandad, it was only available for macOS. I’m glad to say it’s now available in AU and VST3 formats for macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Remember, you still have a few days to grab this month’s free gift from Plugin Boutique (the offer ends on 30th June).

Download: Oi, Grandad 2 (FREE)


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    A very interesting synthesizer! I played with it for a while and I’m impressed with the possibilities it offers. Thanks!

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