Baby Audio releases Humanoid, a powerful vocal transformation tool (40% OFF)


Baby Audio has released Humanoid, a powerful vocal transformation tool available at an introductory price of $79.

I’m a Baby Audio fan, whether it’s BA-1 (an awesome Yamaha CS01 emulation), the AI-powered TAIP, or I Heart NY, an old favorite for many. So, when news of a new Baby Audio release arrives, I’m excited and expect something worth talking about.

This time, that new release is Humanoid, Baby Audio’s first vocal effects plugin.

Humanoid, which sounds very close to a longtime BPB reader, has a retail price of $129, but if you act fast, you can get it at the special intro price of $79.

The award-winning developer calls Humanoid an “over-the-top pitch corrector,” so it’s not about subtle correction but a radical transformation of pre-recorded or live vocals.

Humanoid’s interface is divided into five sections: Pitch, Synthesize, Filter, Utility, and Effects.

The Pitch section houses the tuning engine with the three modes: Scale, Note, and MIDI.

Scale mode allows you to remap vocals to a desired scale. Note Mode is great for creating futuristic monotone vocals, but the Duo function makes it better, which will enable you to add a second note as harmony.

You can use Humanoid as a vocoder with MIDI, should you want to get your Kraftwerk on. Remember, this is in-your-face hard-tuning; it’s conspicuous and unapologetically so.

The Synthesize section is a resynthesis engine that transforms vocals into synth waveforms and detunes them against the original. Here, you shape the texture and character of the vocal, which can be harmonically rich and gritty in equal measure.

You can further shape the vocal using the Filter section, which has high/low-pass filters, and the Effects section, which includes Widen, Warble, Buffer, and Freeze.

The Warble effect is interesting; it adds some vibrato and modulation, bringing the hard-tuned vocals to life, albeit not human.

The Utility section provides a few handy tools to clean up the input signal for better results. It starts with the Range control, which sets the range of the pitch detection.

You then have a de-esser, noise gate, and smoothing tool, all of which help reduce unwanted elements in the incoming signal.

Along the bottom of the GUI is a Sharpen slider that can increase the clarity of your vocals.

If crazy vocals are your thing, remember you have a few days left to grab Krotos Simple Monsters at Plugin Boutique (the offer ends on 30th June).

Check out the deal: Humanoid (Intro sale 40% off – $79)


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  1. Wow! The sound examples are really good! Are there any alternatives to this plugin with the same ease of use? I remember having to do chains of plugins and inputs for vocoder effects like these.

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