Get Waldorf Edition 2 LE FREE With Any Purchase At ADSR


From now until the end of the month, any purchase at ADSR nets you the Waldorf Edition 2 LE, a collection of 3 plugins in a single package.

Man, June certainly flew by, didn’t it? A new month means new purchase incentives, and ADSR has a fun one for retro synth lovers. 

The collection includes the PPG 2.2V, a virtual recreation of the PPG Wave series of synthesizers from the company dating from the 1980s.

These were unique for their hybrid architecture, featuring primitive wavetables coupled with an analog filter and envelopes.

Of course, since this is a softsynth, it’s all digital now. However, it still retains a fair bit of the lo-fi grime and dustiness from the waveforms of the era.

You also get D-Pole, which is a modelled analogue resonant filter. You’ve got five major filter types, with low-pass, high-pass, bandpass, notch, and a resonator all present.

Waldorf has included distortion and a delay in the package, so you can use it for all manner of sound mangling if you’d like. I enjoy the presence of an LFO, even though I rarely touch my own copy of D-Pole.

Rounding out the collection is Attack, a drum synthesizer. This plugin doesn’t have a real-world equivalent, much like D-Pole. However, it harkens back to the 80s and 90s when drum synths were still in the domain of hobbyist musicians.

You’ve got full control of the sounds and synthesis parameters. I cannot attest to how it stacks up against something Microtonic, but for the price of entry, you can hardly go wrong.

This is the LE version, so there are some limitations as a whole. PPG 2.2V only has 8 voices, compared to the 64 voices of the full version. Attack only gets 12 pads, compared to 24 pads for the full version.

That said, this is a fun little collection of software that sweetens up any purchases you might be making at ADSR this month. You’ll need a Windows or Mac host capable of using VST, VST3, AU, or AAX plugins.

Pro Tools users on Mac Silicon chipsets only have the option for Rosetta, as a fair warning.

Check out the deal: Waldorf Edition 2 LE (FREE with any purchase @ ADSR)


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  1. Ascension by Cubic Audio for just five bucks at Audio Plugin Deals, seems a good deal. It comes with over 1700 presets, based on 6GB of sampled sounds.

    I have owned it for some time, sounds good, but beware it can be heavy on the CPU:

    • And get AMBER for Kontakt Retail by SwishSwoosh free with that.

      Audio Plugin Deals says it need the full version of Kontakt v6.8 or higher, while the SwishSwoosh webpage says it works with Kontakt Player 7 ?

    • I have just bought Ascension. 5 bucks is a very good deal for such an interesting synth. But you are right about the CPU usage, my laptop is struggling with this synth.

  2. Ozone Elements 11 is free at Sweetwater

    • Michal Ochedowski


      Sweetwater doesn’t provide the option to select a different county, US state only. Too bad. I remember similar promotion with Ozone 10 Elements a while back. It was also USA only. Thanks for sharing nonetheless.

      • Enter your email and a random us address and you will get a free serial number no matter where you’re from

          • Update: Successfully redeemed!! :)

            Fun fact, i entered in the Boston address of Plugin Alliance (part of Native Instruments & iZotope), lololol!! XD

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