BPB Mini Analogue Collection (Free Sample Pack)


BPB Mini Analogue Collection (Free Sample Pack)

I’m very happy to release BPB Mini Analogue Collection, a free sample library featuring the sounds of several analogue synthesizers which I used to own.

While I was on a lookout for a working SID chip (in order to start working on part 3 of Commodore 64 Synthesizer Sessions), I figured that I could actually make a nice sample pack with some of the old sounds which I’ve recorded a while ago. So, I took these old multi-samples and paired them up with some new sounds from Poly-61m and Poly-800 analogue synthesizers which I bought second hand recently. The result is BPB Mini Analogue Collection, a free collection of analogue synthesizer samples.

As usual, the pack contains individual WAV files and NI Kontakt 5 instrument patches. I’ve also created SFZ patches this time, meaning that you can use these samples in freeware sampler instruments such as sforzando.

UPDATE: ARack Audio has created a version which is compatible with Ableton Live. I’ve added the download link at the bottom of this article.


I wish I could have included more stuff in this pack, but most of these synths ended up in the ads more than a year ago. Unfortunately, I wasn’t smart enough to sample everything before selling it to someone else back then. Always sample your synthesizers! That way you can keep their sounds even if they break or end up being sold.

Anyways, BPB Mini Analogue Collection contains samples from the following five instruments (four of which are polyphonic synthesizers, accompanied by a quirky analogue drum synthesizer module made in USSR):

  • Korg Delta
  • Korg Poly-61m
  • Korg Poly-800
  • Solton Project-100
  • Lell UDS

And here’s what you’ll find inside the pack:

  • 254 WAV samples (16-bit quality)
  • 9 multisampled instrument patches (SFZ + Kontakt 5)
  • 125 drum samples
  • 2 Kontakt 5 Multi Racks
  • 96MB download size
  • 118MB size on disk

Hope you’ll have fun with these! They’re not the most fantastic samples in the world, but some of the patches are very nice (I like them all quite a lot, actually). Some sound very cheap and lo-fi (for example a patch called VHS Brass, which was made on Poly-800), but these quirky sounds are great for getting that worn out cassette tape kind of vibe.

Btw, if this is your first time on Bedroom Producers Blog, why not check out the free VST plugins section or other free sample packs by BPB.

Video Demo

Check out the BPB Mini Analogue Collection demo video:

Featured Tracks

BPB Mini Analogue Collection Ableton Racks Demo by Ward S:

Made some music with BPB Mini Analogue Collection? Send me the link and I’ll feature it here!


All sounds in this sample pack are provided free of charge and are 100% royalty free. Feel free to use them in any of your music projects, including commercial ones. The sounds, including modified versions of the sounds, may not be redistributed, nor included in other sample packs or virtual instruments. Please do not share direct download links, but link to the original BPB article instead. Thanks!


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  1. great, nice gears there. i love that old korgs i also have 2 of them. but i never hear about Solton Project-100 & Lell UDS whatever this is. i will check theese samples thanks for them.

    i love all kind of lofiish samples who needs another ultraclear & steril sampleset in the digital days.

  2. ,,but most of these synths ended up in the ads more than a year ago, and I wasn’t smart enough to sample everything back then´´

    you´re not the only one i know that problem too.

    • Bedroom Producers Blog on

      yeah, i’ll never forgive myself for not sampling the Solton a whole lot more! a lesson learned, though.

      • if i could use some of my synths i owned over the years i would sample the whole day. but who knows that a few years ago.

    • Bedroom Producers Blog on

      cheers for the tip!

      are you absolutely sure, though? i’ve seen it referred to as “LELL” all around the net.

      however, in cyrillic it’s “ЛEЛЬ”. so, “Ь” only means that the second “Л” is soft?

  3. i never heard anything about that solton. but last night a search a bit on the internet. first thing when i see it it looks a bit like a jupiter 6 and the demos i found sounds great. intresting synth i think.

    thanks for that great sampleset.

    • Bedroom Producers Blog on

      well, the solton probably wouldn’t be everyone’s favorite synth, but i loved it! great sounding chorus and a very interesting mellow filter.

      the main reason i had to sell mine was that it was quirky as hell. one day it would work completely normal, and then next day it would sound like R2D2 no matter what key you press.

      • ok i can imagine what you´re talking about.

        for me is always pain to see when one of my synths is dieing. and it become more and more after over 20 years. and i´m not a technical expert so i sell them too or take it here just for fun and look at them.

        • i just wanna say here one time to everyone who reads this. if you´re more into technical stuff as me try to keep them ALIVE and do not BEND to many of this old machines into death.

            • that is right. amazing thing. some guys know how to do it. (thanks for that link fun too watch)

              but i don´t understand that sometimes the makes a still great sounding machines like 707 (wich i still love) or a cool synthesizer to a totally noisemaker which sound like a broken lcd game from the 80s. maybe i´m to old ;)

              • one last thing i don´t wanna post to much of braintrash here. sorry for that ;)

                don´t get me wrong. i really like a lot of yours and others glitch samples some of them are really usefull. and all kind of lofi toy samples i like anyways. but sometimes i think don´t destroy theese great machines because in the future you will never get a original machine its a part of the history. so i stop now.

                • Bedroom Producers Blog on

                  of course, i know what you mean! :)

                  bending is sometimes very cool, but doesn’t always work out right.

    • Bedroom Producers Blog on

      i love the Poly-61m. after finishing Commodore 64 Synthesizer Sessions, i’ll create a pack with Poly sounds only.

  4. Hey people enjoying this samples!

    I’m using Ableton and when i downloaded the samples, my problem was: i couldn’t use the kontakt files. What i did is putting the samples in an (Ableton) Instrument Rack. I did this with all the samples, and the drum samples in a 4×4 drumrack… Download them here: https://sites.google.com/site/arackaudio/racks/bpb

    Sampler is not required, everything is done simpler!!

    Enjoy using!
    and BPB, thanks for the samples!

    Check a demo track (and my own music) here:

  5. Peaceful Dreams on

    Awesome sounds, too bad I can’t download the Live files from the Google Drive.. I own an old Roland JV-30 synth from 1986, thinking about recording some pieces and make a little sample pack with it.. Do you use an specific audio interface for it?

    • Bedroom Producers Blog on

      why can’t you download the Live files, are getting a 404 error?

      i’d love to hear some JV-30 samples, that would be fantastic. please let me know if you record that stuff.

      regarding the interface, i’ve recorded everything using the Delta 1010LT card with extertnal preamps. you could record samples with anything you own, of course, just try te get a nice and clean signal chain in order to capture most of the sound.

  6. Thanks for this but I noticed Soviet Drums (Lell UDS) and Sweet Chords (Solton Project 100) has no SFZ + Kontakt 5 patches

  7. Hey, i like it very much, but I can’t get it, I think it’s removed or something like that.
    Can’t u Guys re-upload it? Or send it to me by e-mail?
    Thanks guys!

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