Free Fairlight Series II Choral V Kontakt 4 Patch By HideawayStudio


HideawayStudio have released another neat Kontakt 4 freebie, this time featuring the Choral V samples from the old Series II factory disks for the famous Fairlight CMI.

You will need the latest version of NI Kontakt (or Kontakt Player) to get these samples to work.

I’ve been going misty eyed working my way through the old Series II factory disks. The infamous Fairlight Choral 5 sample came up and I just had to program it up in Kontakt. Used everywhere a million times over but still cool! (8 bit heaven!)

Click here to get the Fairlight Series II Choral V Kontakt 4 Patch.

And here are the links to all of the lovely Kontakt freebies previously released on KVR Forums by HideawayStudio:


Download Choral V For Kontakt 4: click here
HideawayStudio Website: click here

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