Sonic Cat Releases Pop Piano Free Sample Library For Native Instruments Kontakt


Sonic Cat has announced the release of Pop Piano Free, a free Bechstein MP192 grand piano sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Pop Piano Free is a free sample library for Kontakt of an acoustic grand piano. Pop Piano Free features a recorded Bechstein MP192 Grand Piano which is made in Germany, to differentiate between other libraries with analog equipment in good sound concert hall.

Pop Piano Free is available for free download via Sonic Cat (333 MB download size, ZIP archive, 440 MB size on disk, contains 8 instrument patches in NKI file format for NI Kontakt).

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According to the official press info, the goal with this sample collection was to offer a different sounding piano instrument. Since most currently available piano sample libraries feature Yamaha and Steinway grand pianos, the crew at Sonic Cat has sampled a Bechstein MP192 piano for this one in order to come up with a sample library with a different flavor.

The piano was captured with up to four round robin variations per note. The instrument is based on a total of 352 audio samples which are included in the compressed NCW format. This means that you will definitely need the full version of Kontakt in order to use this piano instrument without limitations. It will work for 15 minutes in the freeware Kontakt Player.

On a related note, Sonic Cat is currently offering a 40% discount on all of their commercial products. Most of these products were previously released under the Luxonix brand name. The offer ends in one week from now.

Audio Demo

Check out the Pop Piano Free audio demo:


Pop Piano Free

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