Free Fostex MR-8 Digital Recorder Impulse Response Pack By PerforModule


Free Fostex MR-8 mkII impulse responses by Animus Invidious.

Our friend Animus Invidious has released a free collection of impulse responses which have been captured from the Fostex MR-8 mkII digital recorder. The impulse response collection (compatible with Ableton Convolution Reverb Pro and any AIFF compatible IR loader) is available as an exclusive free download on BPB!

A while ago, Animus Invidious (aka PerforModule) has released another great free collection of impulse responses which were captured from the BOSS GT-8 guitar processor. The IR pack which you can download on BPB contains some pretty cool echo and reverb impulses which can add an interesting new dimension to your mixes.

Ableton Live users will probably want to check out his awesome free PMX-306 Glockenspiel instrument (part of a much larger instrument collection for Ableton Live), too. Animus has also released a new 8-bit music album which can be purchased via iTunes.

The new pack features a set of impulse responses which were captured from the Fostex MR-8 mkII digital recorder. The included impulse responses are sorted into three separate groups:

  • Fostex Amp Simulation
  • Fostex Mic Simulation
  • Fostex Reverb

The reverbs are grouped into room, hall and plate style reverbs, clearly labeled by their type and size. The mics and amps (or cabinets) are also clearly labeled and you won’t have any trouble finding the appropriate impulse response for your track. Once again, Animus Invidious has done a stellar job capturing these impulse responses and I’m quite convinced that they capture the character of the original unit rather well.

If you’re completely new to using impulse responses, then this freebie pack is definitely a good place to start. Grab a free convolution plugin such as Reverberate LE and use it to load the provided IR files. Naturally, the reverb impulse responses can be used to add a sense of space to your sounds. On the other hand, the cabinet and microphone impulse responses can be used to color the sound and change its natural character.


Fostex MR-8 mkII Impulse Responses in AIFF format (10 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 29 impulse responses in AIFF format)

Fostex MR-8 mkII Impulse Responses for Ableton Live (7 MB download size, ALP format for Ableton Live)

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