Get 60% Off AudioThing Hats @ VSTBuzz (Ends On June 13th)


VSTBuzz is offering a 60% OFF deal on the Hats virtual instrument (VST/AU plugin for Windows and Mac OS) by AudioThing (€19.99 instead of €49).

Hats is a virtual instrument designed for synthesizing hi-hats and cymbal sounds. Whereas having a separate instrument for these types of sounds may seem like overkill, the truth is that certain genres nowadays, trap in particular, use hi-hats as a very important part of the arrangement. Other modern music styles like techno, house, and even dubstep sometimes use modulated hi-hats for adding interest to a drum sequence, so having an instrument designed specifically for this purpose can be quite useful.

The plugin’s user interface is nicely laid out, providing direct control over the synthesis engine parameters and the FX section. The engine uses a noise generator modeled after the hi-hat module in the iconic Roland TR-808 drum machine (using six square wave oscillators instead of generic white noise) and accompanied by two sample playback modules. The sampler modules come pre-loaded with a selection of 50 hi-hat samples captured from various drum machines and hardware synthesizers. These sources are then passed through the short and long AR envelope (with a choice between linear and exponential curves), a modulating LFO, and a series of built-in effects (ring modulator, bit crusher, filter, and reverb).

The top part of the user interface shows the controls for saving and loading presets, as well as the randomize button which randomizes all available parameters. The instrument includes 80 factory presets, but the real fun begins once you start generating completely new sounds with the randomize button. Of course, the biggest strength of AudioThing’s Hats is the ability to automate different parts of the synthesis engine inside your DAW and build evolving hi-hat sequences to add even more rhythm and interest to your beats.

AudioThing Hats is normally priced at €49 but you can grab it for €19.99 before June 13th. It is available in VST and AU plugin formats for 32-bit and 64-bit host applications on PC and Mac.

More info: AudioThing Hats @ VSTBuzz (60% OFF)

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