SynthMaster One Sale @ Pluginboutique (30% OFF)


Pluginboutique has launched a 30% OFF deal on the SynthMaster One virtual synthesizer by KV331, dropping the price to just $55 (down from the regular $79 asking price). The sale also features several good value crossgrade options, should you choose to go that route.

SynthMaster One is the newest iteration in the SynthMaster family of virtual analog synthesizers by the expert developers at KV331. Although based on a smaller feature set, it is no slouch when it comes to bringing home the same high caliber quality as its older brother SynthMaster, which has garnered praise and awards from various music publications and artists worldwide. SynthMaster One adds to the heritage by including wavetable synthesis and an intuitive single-screen user interface, resulting in an efficient and smooth workflow that makes programming this powerful synthesizer quick and fun.

Some of its other great features are the 11 different effect types, 500 presets from several world renowned sound designers (too many to list in this article!), a 16-step sequencer/arpeggiator with MIDI import functionality, two oscillators with 16-voice unison, and zero-delay feedback filters, to only name a few. Checking out that feature list, you can’t go wrong with SynthMaster One for the majority of synthesis applications. It builds on its predecessor and reduces the price tag to create something that is a budget friendly all-in-one synth which you’ll want to use in your productions again and again.

Also on sale on the KV331 website as part of their Summer Sale, for the no-brainer price of $14, is SynthMaster Player. This slimmed down version of SynthMaster has minimal editing functions and is geared towards musicians and producers who prefer to simply go to town with one of its 1300 presets, rather than doing their own sound design. This is a really good buy if you need a solid synth library on a budget and prefer playing your synths rather than geeking out with knobs and sliders.

SynthMaster One is on sale until the 2nd of September at Pluginboutique, and is available for PC and Mac, in VST and Audio Unit plugin formats, as well as a standalone application.

More info: SynthMaster One @ Pluginboutique (30% OFF)

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