Wave Alchemy Relases 1 GB Of FREE Samples & Loops


Wave Alchemy has released WA 10th Birthday Samples, a free sound pack featuring 1 GB  of royalty-free audio samples and loops.

The free sample pack is released in celebration of Wave Alchemy’s tenth anniversary. The company was launched ten years ago and has since become one of the most prominent sound design labels on the market. I’ve always appreciated the quality of their one-shot sample packs and loop libraries, as they tend to deliver mix-ready drum and synth sounds that aren’t overprocessed. Wave Alchemy has recently expanded their work into the NI Kontakt domain with impressive new products like Evolution and Revolution.

With that in mind, this free collection of samples from Wave Alchemy is a must download for any electronic music producer. It contains a selection of royalty-free sounds from twelve different releases which are listed below:

  • 707 Drums
  • 909 Day Drums
  • Black Friday Samples
  • Christmas Selection
  • Free Character Snares
  • Free Modular Drums
  • Free Rytm Kicks
  • Free Tanzbar Drums
  • Free Tech House Samples
  • Ldrum Tape Drums
  • Miami Tape Drums
  • Tortured Cymbals

Obviously, the pack focuses on electronic drum samples, especially those captured from new and vintage drum machines. My favorite part of the pack is the Miami Tape Drums folder which features a set of classic 808 drum sounds processed with tape. There’s an abundance of saturated 808 bass sounds to choose from, along with some great sounding snares, cymbals, and claps. Another great set of kick drum samples is available in the Free Tanzbar Drums folder.

All included content is provided in 24-bit WAV format, meaning that it’s compatible with pretty much all digital audio workstations software samplers on the market. We recommend Grace as a great freeware sampler instrument, in case you don’t already have one installed. The free Wave Alchemy samples are hosted on WeTransfer. If you like the samples featured in the free pack, be sure to check out Wave Alchemy’s website for more stuff.

WA 10th Birthday Samples is available for free download via WeTransfer (854 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 1,118 audio samples in 24-bit WAV format).

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  1. C’mon man my Loopcloud 3.0 is still processing the 10 gigs of free packs I got from W.A. Productions now another WA is calling my free loops greed? lol.

  2. Also the TX16wx is by far the most powerful and easy to use free sampler out. And Magix Independence is free and criminally underrated as a sampler. Both are multitimbral with built-in effects.
    And for free drum machines SoundBridge has one called RitMix which can be used in any DAW and it’s ridiculously powerful. It’s a drum machine, and sequencer with built in effects that you can even randomize for each step, and up to 16 outs, including outs for the wet signal only. I have no idea why more people don’t know about RitMix but it’s incredible.

    • I can’t find how to fade out a sample in TX16Wx, not even in the manual.

      Would you say RitMix is as good as the paid drum machine plugins like Maschine?

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