W. A. Production Releases ImPerfect Virtual Instrument (85% OFF)


W. A. Production has released ImPerfect, a powerful digital synthesizer for VST and AU plugin hosts on PC and Mac. Normally priced at $92.62, you can purchase ImPerfect for just $13.30 (85% OFF) until February 1st, 2020.

ImPerfect is a digital virtual synthesizer with carefully emulated analog-style imperfections. The plugin allows the user to destabilize the oscillator tuning, modulate the built-in effects, and apply a whole host of other “imperfections” designed to make the ImPerfect synthesizer sound more interesting to the listener.

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The instrument features a powerful five-oscillator architecture with multi-mode filers and a set of modulation sources like ADSR envelopes, LFO modules, and an arpeggiator. The two main oscillators can morph between four different waveforms and layer up with a sampled waveform, a sub-oscillator, or the noise generator. The instrument comes with 260 sampled waveforms and supports WAV file import.

The most interesting feature, though, is the introduction of the specialized “Wacky”, “Cracky”, and “Shaky” modulation effects. Use them to apply saturated harmonics and tuning inconsistencies to the generated sound. These complex modulations can also be applied to ImPerfect dynamic dual X/Y pads or controlled via MIDI automation.

Thanks to its advanced modulation capabilities, the ImPerfect synthesizer never sounds static or boring. Standard sounds like pads or arpeggiated sequences sound a lot more interesting when some analog imperfection is introduced with ImPerfect’s dedicated modulation effects. On the other hand, the plugin is very easy to use thanks to the clean and well-organized interface. To make things even easier for beginners, ImPerfect comes with hundreds of professionally-designed presets.

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    • Got it! Awesome versatile synth, but not so analog as they clame. Anyway worth getting, has pretty unique modulation possibilities.

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