Real Cello Mayhem Is A FREE Cello Sound Library For NI Kontakt


The Future Muse has released Real Cello Mayhem, a freely downloadable collection of cello samples for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Real Cello Mayhem features a set of cello pizzicato samples covering the C2-C#5 note range. The library includes four different patches: Solo Dry, Dry Stereo, Drop It Low, and 6 Cello. The first two patches feature unprocessed cello samples, recorded solo and in pairs. The third patch (Drop It Low) is based on a pizzicato cello performance that was recorded through an effects processor and pitched down an octave to achieve a more gritty sound. The fourth and final patch is a six-cello pizzicato ensemble.

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The library comes with a custom user interface for NI Kontakt 6 and above. Please note that the full version of Kontakt is required to use the library without a 15-minute time limit (read more about the Kontakt Player demo mode). You can preview the patches for fifteen minutes only in the free Kontakt Player plugin.

The user interface features a range of parameters for tweaking the sampled sounds. There are six built-in effects to choose from (distortion, chorus, flanger, flanger, delay, and reverb), along with a three-band equalizer for broad tonal adjustments. Each effect can be bypassed individually if required. The user can also control the attack and release time of the sampled sounds.

To download your free copy of Real Cello Mayhem, visit the product page linked below and enter your email address in the sidebar. The email address will need to be validated before you receive the download link. Once downloaded, simply extract the provided ZIP archive to access the NI Kontakt patches.

More info: Real Cello Mayhem (32.2 MB download size, ZIP archive, Native Instruments Kontakt 6 or above required)

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