Get Waves Berzerk Distortion For FREE Until April 15th!


Waves Audio is offering the Berzerk Distortion ($99 value) plugin as a free download until April 15th, 2020. The company is also running a 40% OFF deal on all products and bundles, with a free bonus plugin included with every $50+ purchase.

Berzerk Distortion is a creative distortion effect available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats. It is compatible with digital audio workstation software on PC and Mac. Berzerk Distortion was first introduced as Waves Audio’s time-limited Black Friday freebie in November last year. The plugin is now available for free download once again, only until April 15th, 2020.

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Featuring a set of ten original distortion algorithms, Berzerk Distortion is a versatile saturation and tonal shaping tool for creative sound design. The plugin comes with an intuitive user interface that was designed to help the users unleash their creativity. The most important control parameters like Gain and Temperature (used to set the overall signal color and warmth) are highlighted and placed in the front. The advanced fine-tuning controls are hidden away to ensure a clutter-free workflow. Also included is a ‘Go Berzerk’ switch that randomizes each distortion shape to come up with interesting results.

In addition to its audio distortion capabilities, Berzerk Distortion features a couple of other handy tools. The dynamics section is used to gate and expand the input signal before it reaches the distortion module. Berzerk Distortion can also be used for M/S processing, with the ability to distort either the mid or the side portion of the signal. Users who prefer using presets will enjoy a range of custom settings provided by Grammy-winning mixers Lu Diaz, Dave Pensado, and others. Finally, all users who own Berzerk Distortion and either Abbey Road Saturator or MDMX plugins will also receive the MultiMod Rack FREE plugin.

Waves Audio is also running a 40% OFF sale on all products and product bundles. Use the coupon code CREATIVE40 to apply the discount to your order. Spend over $50 and you will receive a free plugin of choice. Any Waves Audio plugin with the price lower than $49.99 can be claimed as the free bonus add-on. There are 125 plugins to choose from.

To claim your free copy of Berzerk Distortion, visit the page linked below and click the “Get Berzerk Distortion Free” button. The serial number will be added to your Waves Audio user account.

IMPORTANT: Use this link to access the free download page.

More info: Berzerk Distortion / 40% OFF Sale + FREE plugin!

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  1. Waves is just being ridiculous .Giving away same plugins they had given away in last year’s cyber monday(one knob wetter)& black friday(berzerk).Not expected at this crisis time

  2. Sorry but I will never download a Waves freebie plugin again. Some years ago they offered a great reverb plugin free for everybody. I installed and registered it and some months after (I don’t remember exactly how long it took) the plugin deactivated itself and asked me to buy the normal license to continue using it. Not cool, not cool. They never mentioned that it was a temporary license… So thank you Waves, but no.

  3. I like the Wave Plugins … and this one is nice. But … I have plugins from Version 8/ 9 / 10 and 11. It is a mess with their “update plan” in general! And I will not support that anymore. And … if you havent updated all plugins to the newest version its quite a mess running different versions at the same time. Sometimes I gave up after countless trial and error instalations … with version 11 I am out! Bye Waves, there are many developers with good products and a user friendly “update plan”.

  4. angry producer


    what a piece of trash software…

    a 300mb Managemant software for a plugin,where you have to select stereo or mono inside a wrapper to use it?
    Really? i mean…the plugin sounds okay,but it is a real workflow killer.

    I can not recommend ANY Software,that brings an own “install&management”-Software.
    i mean with common plugins you have Gigabytes of Trash on your system for just some plugins that can get away with Kilo/megabytes….

  5. stay away from license installers like ilok and waves central. wrecks your pc and daw.
    dont pay for them either. So many hassles with Waves in the past, i stay away. same with The Gobbler crap. Dory for going off, just want to share .

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