TheWaveWarden Releases FREE Odin 2 Hybrid Synthesizer


TheWaveWarden has released Odin 2, a cross-platform hybrid virtual synthesizer in VST3 and AU plugin formats for compatible DAW software on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Odin 2 is a 12-voice polyphonic hybrid synthesizer with a flexible synthesis engine and “endless modulation capabilities.” Even more importantly, Odin 2 is entirely free to use and available on all OS platforms. The software is currently in beta, and the developer is inviting users to test Odin 2 and report any bugs. Also, sound designers are invited to send their best patches made with Odin 2, so that they can be included in a future release.

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Even though Odin 2 is still in beta, the instrument’s current feature set is nothing short of impressive. I won’t bog you down with all the details, but here are some of the most essential items from the feature list. Odin 2 offers three oscillator slots, each capable of hosting one of the eleven (!) available oscillator types. In addition to the reasonably standard analog and noise OSC modules, we also have the wavetable oscillator, an FM oscillator, a fun little chiptune oscillator, a vector oscillator, and even n oscillator that lets you draw custom waveforms. Moving on to the filters, there are three slots and thirteen filter types to choose from. Some of these are modeled after classic analog filter modules (Oberheim 12, Diode Ladder, etc.).

The plugin also features a range of modulation sources and a handy nine-slot modulation matrix to connect everything together. Each modulation source can be connected to up to two targets and scaled using the modulation wheel. There are plenty of modulation sources to choose from, including multiple loopable ADSR envelopes, multiple multi-mode LFOs, various MIDI sources, and even the filter output.

The one glaringly obvious problem with the current version of Odin 2 is the GUI size. It is too small for comfortable use even on a regular HD screen (by that, I mean the 1920×1080 screen resolution, which is still a standard nowadays). Some of the control labels are almost impossible to read without touching the monitor with your nose. Hopefully, the developer is aware of this, and a higher-resolution version of the interface will be included in a future update.

Other than the problematic GUI size, Odin 2 is one of the most promising new synthesizers we’ve seen in a while. The sheer number of available oscillator types, filter modules, and modulation features, makes it a sound designer’s dream. On the other hand, the interface is flexible enough to allow the user to reduce the clutter by removing any unnecessary features out of the way.

Odin 2 is shaping up to become one of the best free VST plugins released in 2020. Check out the current beta and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

More info: Odin 2 (17.4 MB download size, ZIP archive, 64-bit VST3/AU plugin format for Windows, macOS, Linux)

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Wow! Very promising looking synth! Does anyone who’s used this know how the CPU usage is? Is it a resource hog?

  2. TheWaveWarden


    Just a quick note: An updated version with a bigger GUI will be available in the next version in a few days! ;-)

    – TheWaveWarden

  3. I tested the plugin and it’s just amazing! Better than many paid plugins. It has a huge variety of oscillators, and capacity for infinite sounds. We need presets!

  4. Looking good this one, so not all my comments seem negative. Bigger GUI will do the trick as it sounds pretty good on first sight.

  5. Wasnt gonna try this one as i already have too many synths, but the comments have convinced me to at least give it a shot.

    • Tried it tonight and so far quite impressed. On first glance it doesnt look like anything crazy, but the interface is quite intuitive and you have lots of routing options, plus lots of cool oscillator types and filters to choose from. Did two patches so far and got some great sounds out of it.

        • I will start saving them, the first few ones i just re-sampled to audio as that is my workflow these days haha. Would be cool to have some included in the official library!

          thanks for the outstanding freebie by the way, really impressed!

  6. I’ve used the original Odin many a time & I liked it alot. I’ve just downloaded version 2 and I’m looking forward to taking it for a test.

  7. it’s only in VST3!
    Why, dammit?!?!?!
    I dl’d Odin 1, which seems pretty good, but no presets, but
    Odin 2 has a lot of potential.
    How can I use vst3 in ableton 9?

    • TheWaveWarden


      Steinberg renounced licencing for VST2 plugins – new developers have no way of distributing VST2-plugins without breaking the licence. This is not on me, but on Steinberg, sorry.

      Send me an email, maybe we can work something out – you’ll find it on my homepage.

  8. Ameliance SkyMusic


    12-voice polyphonic hybrid synthesizer

    Is it means 12 voices or 4 voices is on each OSC? So I can’t change numbers of voices on each OSC, can I?

  9. So my fl studio says there was a problem opening the plugin odin2 for an unknown reason. please make sure it was installed correctly

  10. Is a really intuitive VST instrument and sounds good. I’m not so much the patch creator, more the tweaker, but with Odin 2 it was really fun. Sorry, you can’t use my patch, much too beginnerly :-) Is there a mailing list to subscribe, so I don’t miss anything about Odin 2?

  11. This synth sounds freaking amazing! This synth could very well be the best free synth of 2020. The VST2 version would be great to have. <3<3<3

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