Function Loops Offers FREE Label Sampler 2020 & Vocal Samples!


Function Loops is offering two massive free sound libraries this month. Existing and new email subscribers can download both the Label Sampler 2020 and Free Voices completely free of charge.

If you are looking for some samples to mangle without having to reach down your pocket, check this out! Soundware maker Function Loops is currently giving away two audio packs compiled from its larger paid libraries – for free.

Let’s take a closer look at both sets of freebies from Function Loops.

Function Loops – Label Sampler 2020

The first freebie bundle is this year’s Function Loops label sampler. It’s a multi-genre and royalty-free audio pack in 24-bit WAV quality, which packs the following content:

  • 236 x drum & percussion loops
  • 68 x female vocal loops (dry + wet)
  • 91 x synths & instrument loops
  • 299 x one-shot samples (drums / bass / synths / vox)
  • 59 x MIDI files

If you buy the complete pack for USD 9, you will also get five more mini-packs as free bonuses! The bonus content includes 67 cinematic sounds, 190 future drums, 41 lo-fi sounds, 154 EDM & Psytrance sounds, and 86 Future Bass Essentials.

To download the free pack, head to the Function Loops website and choose the genre you are most interested in. After that, enter your email address. This will subscribe you to Function Loops’ newsletter and get your download links.

Function Loops – Free Vocals

The Free Vocals pack is derived from the complete Function Loops vocal sample collection, which features four gigabytes worth of vocal samples in every imaginable format. The vocals are provided as construction kits, loops, one-shots, MIDI, acapella samples, stems, etc.

Some excellent deals are going on with the paid vocal content, too. For example, you have the option of grabbing the 1.2 GB Ethnic Female vocals for just five bucks.

But if you are interested in the free stuff, head over to the Free Vocals promo page on the Function Loops website. Choose your favorite genre from the list, punch in your email, and you’ll get the download link.

How To Get Free Sounds

In both cases, you’ll need to submit your email address to Function Loops. You will also need to answer a question: what is your favorite music genre? The download links will appear in your browser after providing the required info.

More info: Function Loops / Label Sampler 2020 / Free Vocals

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