Szechuan Saturator Is A FREE Saturation Plugin By Coda Labs


Coda Labs released Szechuan Saturator, a freeware saturation effect in AU and VST3 plugin formats for compatible DAW software on Windows and macOS.

It’s no secret that the Mcdonald’s Szechuan Sauce is a magnet for controversy. Well, the saga continues, as it infiltrates the world of music production software in the form of a plain old freeware saturation plugin.

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Szechuan Saturator is a saturation effect by Coda Labs, and it looks exactly like a carton of Mcdonald’s Szechuan Sauce. Or, at least the left side of its GUI does. The right side of the interface hosts four control knobs and a waveform display.

Despite its humorous looks, Szechuan Saturator’s algorithms are no joke. The effect can deliver a variety of saturation flavors, from subtle to over-the-top aggressive.

Here’s how Daniel Kuntz, the developer behind Coda Labs, describes his first plugin:

It’s a saturator, and it works really well on drums, synths, and entire mixes. It’s unique because it modulates the saturation function as the volume of the input signal changes. The effect can be subtle or completely destructive. I’m a big fan of loud, distorted, clipping hyperpop, and I have a feeling that the BPB community will enjoy this plugin.

This is Daniel’s first audio plugin for desktop machines, but he already developed a range of chart-topping iOS music apps, including the AudioKit L7 Looper and AudioTune.

You can hear Szechuan Saturator in action in the demo video below.

At the moment, Szechuan Saturator is available for macOS digital audio workstations only. The developer promises that a Windows version is coming soon.

UPDATE: Szechuan Saturator is now also available on Windows!

You can download Szechuan Saturator from the product page linked below. A valid email address is required to get the download link.

More info: Szechuan Saturator (11.2 MB download size, ZIP archive, VST3/AU plugin format for Windows & macOS)

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