Eventide Omnipressor Was Briefly Free Today, By Mistake


PluginFox offers the Omnipressor ($149 value) compressor plugin by Eventide as a free download for a limited time only. UPDATE: THIS WAS A PRICING ERROR. The product page on PluginFox is now updated and it shows the correct pricing.

Omnipressor by Eventide is a virtual compressor/expander effect that emulates the original Omnipressor hardware unit from the 1970s. The original hardware unit was designed by Eventide’s founder, Richard Factor. It introduced several new concepts, such as the “look ahead” dynamic processing, which is now the staple of many digital compressors and limiters.

Following the original “white-face” Omnipressor unit, engineer Jon Paul designed the legendary “black-face” Omnipressor. This new edition of the hardware featured more intuitive controls that were much easier to use and comprehend.

The Omnipressor plugin is Eventide’s own detailed emulation of the “black-face” hardware unit. It brings all the original Omnipressor features into the digital audio workstation domain, including compression, expanding, gating, and limiting.

The freebie Omnipressor page at PluginFox is pictured below. The plugin normally costs $149, and it’s available for free download.

The free Eventide Omnipressor page at PluginFox.

The free Eventide Omnipressor page at PluginFox (it was a pricing error).

Here is the official description of the Eventide Omnipressor plugin:

The Omnipressor plug-in is a faithful emulation of the “black-face” unit. It is popular among some of the world’s leading producers and engineers as a dynamics-modifier with variable expressive controls of all aspects of a signal’s dynamics. The Function control allows you to set compression and expansion ratios over a wide, continuous range from extreme expansion to infinite compression and beyond – dynamic reversal, which reverses a sound’s envelope, making loud sounds quiet and quiet sounds loud.

Use the Function switch to alter the compression mode. It adjusts compression ratio across a range of different settings, from expansion to limiting and dynamic reversal.

The plugin also features a side-chain input, a mix knob for easy parallel compression, a gain reduction meter, gain and attenuation limiting, and a preset manager.

Omnipressor is free for a limited time only at PluginFox. Visit the product page linked below and complete the free checkout process. The plugin is delivered via email as a digital download.

Eventide Omnipressor is available in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstations on PC and Mac.

UPDATE #1: I finished the checkout process at PluginFox, and Omnipressor is listed on my orders page, but I can’t access the license info. I’ll update the article as soon I figure this out.

UPDATE #2: This was a pricing error and PluginFox fixed it. The deal was too good to be true, I guess!

More info: Eventide Omnipressor (FREE $49 @ PluginFox)

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    • I’m so sorry – as Tomislav has pointed out, it seems to have been an honest pricing error and it apparently showed up with a price of $0 for a short while.

      Sorry again, it really was not my intention to mislead.


      • Tomislav Zlatic


        Hey Georg, no reason to be sorry, and thanks again for letting me know about the freebie (even though it turns out it wasn’t an actual freebie :)). With so many crazy deals and freebie offers nowadays, this pricing error seemed like a totally legit offer.

        • Hey Tomislav. The PluginFox service actually emailed me an iLok license and an activation key about 17 hours ago. And it WORKS! PERFECTLY!
          Sadly i haven’t given the Omnipressor a good spin. But from the onset it seems like a decent Dynamics super work horse.
          Anyone who checked out before the price was corrected could countercheck their mail just to be sure. Anyway, thanks for the heads up Tomislav.

  1. Tropical Chill


    Hi all! Just to inform that 2BPlayed announced free offer until 5th of December for their 2B Clipped plugin with code “CYBER”

  2. Interesting… Eventide made a very similar mistake themselves the other day and the whole anthology bundle was available as a free upgrade through their site for a few hours…

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      With so many deals and offers during Black Friday, it’s easy to make a mistake when manually changing the price tag on a product or a bundle. That’s probably what happened here.

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