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Loopmasters Offers FREE Analogue Cinema Sound Library


Loopmasters offers the Analogue Cinema (£24.95 value) sound library by Sample Diggers as a free download for a limited time only.

Analogue Cinema is a collection of royalty-free sound effects, drones, and musical loops designed by Sample Diggers. The library takes inspiration from retro movie sound effects and soundtracks, but most of the included sounds will work equally well in modern-day productions.

Taking a closer look at the included content, the majority of sounds are cinematic sound effects. Sample Diggers provided a wide variety of cinematic impacts, whoosh noises, dramatic SFX, and buildups. Of course, these will work equally well for movie soundtracks and electronic dance music.

The library also features a set of musical loops, such as electronic bass sequences, cinematic guitar loops, piano melodies, and more. Check out the audio demos on the product page to preview some of the included sounds.

Analogue Cinema typically costs £24.95 in the Loopmasters online store, but you can get it for free by applying the coupon code sjskwbdk at checkout. The free download offer is available only for a limited time, but there is no official end date.

It’s worth noting that any sounds purchased at Loopmasters will also be available in your Loopcloud user account. Speaking of which, Loopcloud is currently offering the Distortion plugin by KiloHearts as a freebie for all subscribers (including free trial users).

Here’s how the team at Loopmasters describes the Analogue Cinema sound library.

“Analogue Cinema is a picturesque collection of epic soundscapes and expansive sound design. The contents are all 100% royalty-free and come with everything you need to produce certified soundtrack-quality music in no time.”

Analogue Cinema comes with 1.17 GB of audio material. The included loops and one-shot samples are provided in 24-bit WAV format. The loops are tagged with BPM info, ranging from 70 to 100 BPM.

More info: Analogue Cinema (1.17 GB download size, free with coupon code sjskwbdk, contains 202 royalty-free audio samples and loops in 24-bit WAV  format)

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  1. Suprisingly, especially being a “Cinematic” themed sample pack, it is better than expected!! I heard many potential useful applications sonicly. Very versatile, & usuable across many different genre’s cinema sample pack. As for an essential cinematic sound tool it is very desirable. Not to many (BIG, LOUD, ACTION PACKED MOVIE TRAILOR) type crashes, impacts etc sounds. These cinematic sounds are extremely warm, organic, i.e “Analog” lol. Very nice. I usually don’t bother with the movie trailor genre sound track type sample packs, as i am not scoring a movie lol, tho i do like to experiment, learn, explore the different genre’s, area’s of musical professions etc bkz being a Hip hop, Pop, Rock etc, i.e what is typically associated with the standard of being/having a music producer career which is NOT the only work to be successfully had as far as the music industry is concerned over all. So i do appreciate the diversity of free sample packs made available, be they for typical music production, or theatrical. This one is GOOD!! Very moody, focused, serene cine sample pack verses the normal loud, impact driven, active, choatic, robust cine sample packs. FOr a modern music producer, this cine sample pack is a 10/10. Tho heavy movie trialor guys may say it’s to light lol. I’m not scoring “Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom” over here or anything ahah. So i can truly appreciate a “lighter”, & or more elequent cine sample pack opposed to the harder, more harsh, piercing cine sample packs commonly known. Thanks BPB!

    • And LOOPMASTERS lol! Not to forget, or sound ungrateful bkz they are the true reason it’s free aha ijs, tho BPB is the presenter.

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