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Producer Spot offers a discount of over 90% on DrumSynth500 ($9.99 on sale, $149.99 value) from AIR Music Technology.

DrumSynth500 is available for $9.99 until March 31st. The instrument is compatible with VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin hosts on Windows and macOS.

Many of you will be familiar with Strike from Air Music Technology. Strike was long considered the ultimate virtual drummer and still is by many. DrumSynth500 is like the electronic drums’ answer to Strike’s acoustic realism.

DrumSynth500 is an 8-channel drum synth with a mixer-style GUI. The individual channels are kick, snare, hi-hats, clap, toms, percussion, and two sampler channels. Each channel strip’s layout is virtually the same aside from some differing synth parameters from one drum to the next.

In total, there are over 500 drum sounds, 500 samples, 500 MIDI loops, and 50 kits. All of the sounds come from Akai Professional, Alesis eDrums, AIR Music Technology, and are exclusive to DrumSynth500. Before you get into any tweaking, you can load preset kits from a drop-down menu at the top of the GUI.

Generally, a preset will get you pretty close to the sound you need when you’re starting from scratch. You can also load channel presets for individual drums and tweak them till you’re happy. You can save both kit and channel settings as user presets.

Every channel has an effects section with distortion, filter, and compression. Beneath the effects section are the basic mixer controls, along with two reverb sends and two delay sends. Overall, I think there are plenty of quality sounds with more than enough ways to put your own stamp on them.

Each channel/sound can be MIDI mapped to a specific key or key-range on your MIDI keyboard or pad controller. More often than not, I’ll use an MPC rather than a MIDI keyboard to play in drum patterns.

What I like about DrumSynth500 is that it remembers any MIDI-learn settings from one kit to the next. So, I can browse presets, knowing things will always be where I like them in my custom setup, rather than reverting to a kit default. It also has common MPC/pad controller functions like note repeat and full velocity.

I like the multi-output mode, which sends each channel out to an individual track in your DAW. With hardware like an MPC X, you can use the Explode Tracks function to separate each drum/instrument for your DAW, but in software, that option is sometimes missing or overly convoluted.

It does more than I can cover here, and for $9.99, it’s definitely worth a look.

More info: DrumSynth500 (90% OFF @ Producer Spot)

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  1. I have several Air plugins, they are generally fine. They are not vst3, forget it .. What bothers me is that they do not have updates and there is not much support. I have purchased some from a site other than AIR and cannot even register them as mine. There is an atmosphere of “look, I’ll sell you the accessories I made, but at any moment I disappear as a company and forget about the support …”. I think it is the same company as AKAI, or at least the same business group, but if AKAI has little support, AIR has even less. Too bad, AIR has good plugins, not this one in particular, I have tried it in a trial version and it does not contribute much. I would say that little. Nothing impressive. Mediocre sound. I already told you, it was a company that I liked. Not anymore.

  2. The Air it’s always a double feeling. I really like what their plugins can do. But I don’t like their approach to product updates. They are not suitable for modern displays. Forget about them if you use Waveform or something like that. It are like my wife’s sibling. I love him, but he pisses me off a lot. Love and hate. Transfuser 2, Structure 2… I have all his product exclude strike. Every time I think, well, now they’ve done it, haven’t they? And every time I get burned. No other plugin evokes such emotions. Not Melda, not PluginAlliance, not even Waves. You either love them or hate them. But love and hate together is only Air. Sorry, it’s piling up.

  3. Hey…
    Best Deal EVER…would not and could not EVER buy at full price or even at $50 which I have seen…..
    I went onto Producer Spot today, one day before the final day,
    Boo, hoo….

    Then I found the same deal at pluginboutique, and snatched it up.
    YAYYYYY !!!!!!

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