PreSonus Fat Channel XT Is FREE With Any Purchase!


Plugin Boutique offers the Fat Channel XT ($59.95 value) channel strip VST3/AU/AAX plugin by PreSonus as a FREE add-on with any purchase this month.

Fat Channel XT is a multi-effect channel strip developed by PreSonus. The software is compatible with all 64-bit VST3, AU, and AAX plugin hosts on Windows and macOS.

The plugin delivers a selection of vintage-style audio effects to any digital audio workstation. It’s an all-in-one solution for channel compression and equalization, as well as limiting, filtering, and gating. It combines the most-used mixing tools in a single, easy-to-use interface.

Fat Channel XT comes with three different EQ models and three compressors.

The available compressor models are:

  • Standard – modern compressor with a clean sound;
  • Tube – modeled after a vintage tube-based optical compressor;
  • FET – based on a vintage FET compressor.

And here are the included EQ models:

  • Standard – a modern equalizer with a clean sound;
  • Passive – emulation of a vintage tube-based passive-EQ;
  • Vintage – emulates a classic solid-state equalizer.

In addition to the included compressor and EQ modules, Fat Channel XT also features a built-in limiter, a filter, and a noise gate module.

Here’s how PreSonus describes the Fat Channel XT plugin:

“From the moment the original StudioLive shipped over a decade ago, the Fat Channel was an instant hit. With a fully variable high pass filter, a noise gate designed to never click, a musical compressor based on PreSonus’ famed ACP88, a four-band parametric EQ, and a Limiter to round it all out, the Fat Channel gave StudioLive users all the tools they needed to craft the perfect mix.”

To claim your free copy of Fat Channel XT, complete a purchase at Plugin Boutique and be sure to activate the “free gift” option at checkout. The free download offer ends on June 30th, 2021.

It’s worth noting that you can expand Fat Channel XT for FREE via PreSonus. Once you have the plugin, get the PreSonus Bundle which adds two EQs and two compressors. Thanks to BPB reader Bani for the info about this offer!

UPDATE: Please note that the Windows version of Fat Channel XT requires Windows 10. Thanks to BPB reader Gustaf for the info.

More info: Fat Channel XT (FREE with any purchase @ Plugin Boutique)

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  1. Thanks for sharing.

    In a similar type of deal, is offering the Firepresser compressor from United Plugins for free with any purchase.

  2. Windows users who do not use version 10 beware. I am a user of Win 8.1 PRO which is less invasive than 10, without any problem to produce, I am delighted with it. I have made purchases at Plugin Boutique and they have given me a PRESONUS FAT CHANNEL XT license but it does not install on another version of windows other than 10. I have an i7 with 32Gb of RAM Win 8.1 Pro 64 bits and DOES NOT INSTALL. Those of the Presonus support well thank you. Blessed be the sky that I have chosen Cubase, Ableton Live and Maschine to produce and I did not fall into Studio One hahaha. In other words, what is waiting for us with companies like these when Windows 11 comes out, to throw away all the add-ons and DAW hahaha.

      • Michal Ochedowski


        I find it interesting to say the least, that if someone uses Studio One, these plugins can be utilized even with Windows 7. For any other DAW it has to be Windows 10. Not nice.

  3. Michal Ochedowski


    GUSTAF, thanks for sharing. I read on their website about Windows 10 being required to run these plugins. I never would have thought, that it was this or nothing at all. Not being able to install is a total deal breaker.

  4. Yes Michal, the truth is that it is frustrating and the worst is that Presonus cares very little about all this.
    I will save the serial for when in the future I switch to Windows 10, one day, which I hope is far away, I am comfortable with my dear Win 8 PRO, zero problem, except this hahaha.
    Greetings to the bpb community

    • Michal Ochedowski


      So true about Windows 10 deal. Not looking forward for a must-switch scenario. I was surprised that Presonus didn’t offer any trial version for these plugins. It would’ve made things easier for some users. For example Waves Central always displays a warning, that their latest v12 plugins don’t work with Windows 8.1. Still installation can go forward and it’s up to particular pc configuration, if they actually will work or not. In my case they do.

  5. There’s no standalone installer, you have to use their own “PreSonus Hub”.
    That’s, unfortunately, a show-stopper for me.


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