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Loopcloud & Waves Offer OneKnob Phatter For FREE


Waves Audio offers the OneKnob Phatter ($49) plugin as a FREE download to all Loopcloud users until August 19th, 2021.

OneKnob Phatter is a single-knob bass booster and audio enhancer developed by Waves Audio. It adds low-end weight, body, and punch to individual channels in your mix. You can use it to enhance the kick drum, the bassline, your synths, or any other type of signal that lacks bass.

The plugin normally costs $49, and it’s currently on sale for $23.99 with the coupon code CREATE40. However, you can get OneKnob Phatter completely free of charge for a limited time only.

Loopcloud teamed up with Waves Audio to offer the OneKnob Phatter plugin as a freebie to their users. Although the offer is primarily for Loopcloud subscribers, everyone can visit the giveaway page and claim their free copy of the plugin.

The message from Loopcloud is brief, but it pretty much sums up the offer:

“Boost your bass with OneKnob Phatter, an easy-to-use bass enhancer, perfect for thickening kicks, basses, effects, vocals, and more. The offer is available now until August 19, 2021.”

So, if you’re looking for a plugin to spice up the low-end frequencies in your mix, hurry up and grab the OneKnob Phatter while it’s still free.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to sign up for a Waves Audio user account in order to claim the free license. You’ll also need to install the Waves Central license manager to download and activate your free copy of OneKnob Phatter.

To grab Waves OneKnob Phatter for free, visit the giveaway page linked below, click the blue LOG IN TO GET button and follow the instructions.

We’ve seen quite a few Waves OneKnob freebie offers in the past, including our own OneKnob Wetter giveaway a few months ago. If you’ve managed to claim all those freebie offers, you should already own a sizeable Waves Audio plugin collection by now.

I’m sure that more Waves freebies are coming soon, so stay tuned. We’ll keep you informed.

On a somewhat related note, Loopcloud offers the Designer Dance FX (actually, it’s a sample pack called Cinematic FX – thanks to our reader Steven for letting us know in the comments section!) sound library as a free download after completing a quick survey. It’s a 1 GB sample pack and you can get it for free if you fill out this questionnaire (requires Loocloud account).

You’ll find a coupon code for the free sample pack after completing the survey.

Download: OneKnob Phatter (FREE until August 19th)

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    • Jiri aka Rivermint


      Replying to myself is weird, but the point is that I can confirm that thanks to BPB I have licences for Filter, Phatter and Wetter as regular BPB reader. Tomislav was right, my motto says: “Read BPB and you are very much set up.”

  1. It’s just not worth it for the way that Waves’s plugins must run in their stupid wrapper and how one has to continuously renew coverage in order to access the software in the future. I stopped using Waves VSTs years ago for those reasons. Pass and thank me later.

    • same, the only waves freebie i use is codex, the rest is just taking up space on the hard drive. i do take these for trading though sometimes

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