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VSTBuzz launched a special offer on the ImPerfect Synth virtual synthesizer by W.A. Production. Until the 19th of September, you can get 89% OFF the pack’s regular retail price and twelve additional expansion packs.

ImPerfect Synth is a hybrid synthesizer in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats for Windows and macOS. It combines the benefits of both digital and analog synthesizers into one tight-knit unit.

W.A. Production states that ImPerfect Synth’s strength lies in its simplicity and ease of use.

The device’s layout is stunningly attractive and comes with just the right amount of knobs and faders for in-depth sound design without becoming overwhelming.

The synthesis engine contains the following modules:

  • 5 Oscillator Modules – including 2 highly customizable oscillators with 4 waveform options;
  • 2 Envelope adjustment panels with full ADSR controls and mixer to blend;
  • A Waveform visualizer including output meters to give you real-time feedback on every aspect of your sound design;
  • 260 LFO Presets that are applied to Oscillator 3. There are also two LFO controls for more precise sound-shaping;
  • A Filter Module with Cutoff, Drive, and Emphasis Controls;
  • Two XY Pads that you can assign to one of four parameters in the synthesizer to perform real-time modulations on elements like the chorus, phaser, drive or delay;
  • A Sampler to let you load your own WAV files into the VST for layering;
  • A basic but highly effective arpeggiator that runs on both tempo sync and manual control;
  • Three analog-style sliders that control ImPerfect’s signature FX racks: Wacky, Cracky, and Shaky.

The three sliders mentioned above provide the imperfections that ImPerfect Synth’s name suggests. There are three different imperfections you can apply to your synth sounds.

The Wacky slider mixes the three stock effects (phaser, chorus, delay) to add some spatial dynamics to your sounds. This effect sounds great on pads and leads.

The Cracky slider increases the amount of saturation in the overall output generates some really gritty harmonics. Useful for bass sounds and percussion.

Lastly, the Shaky slider introduces pitch modulation into the chain and ranges from slight warping to more erratic and intense movements. Great if you’re going for a lo-fi vibe.

BPB reader Wing Yee sent us an email about this deal (thanks, Wing! 😊) and offered his tips and thoughts about ImPerfect Synth:

“If you skip the presets, turn off OSC 1+2 and load your own samples, it becomes an impressive single WAV file player with access to all the synth’s features and FX. All in all, it’s OK and definitely worth $10 but not $100.”

The exclusive VSTBuzz deal also includes a diverse expansion pack collection stacked to the brim with presets curated for specific genres.

The expansions are exceptionally handy if you’re a producer that works across a broad range of genres and include sounds for Lo-Fi, Trap and Trance Production, and even film scoring.

It’s easy to underestimate straightforward synths like ImPerfect, but any fan of underdog plugins should be well-pleased with the bang for the buck this device provides.

More info: ImPerfect Synth (89% OFF + FREE expansion packs @ VSTBuzz)

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  1. Bought this last year at a Plugin Boutique sale, at about the same price as offered now. As Wing Yee says, it is worth $10 but not $100. It really does need a bigger GUI, it is difficult to read the labels on the knobs, but I doubt WA Prod will update it. Presets are named a bit unimaginative, go to any of the sub-folders, like Pad folder, and presets are named from Pad 1 to Pad 20

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