RetroVibes LITE Is A FREE Sample-Based Instrument By Audiolatry


RetroVibes Lite is a free sample-based virtual instrument plugin (ROMpler) for both Windows and macOS users. This can be used with any DAW or plugin host.

While the full version of the plugin can be purchased from the Audiolatry website and has 48 presets, the Lite version has 16 to choose from. The other features are the same as the paid version.

The presets are inspired by retro 80s’ sounds. You can customize the preset sounds further with the ADSR envelope, modulation, filter, reverb, and more.

These sounds are all royalty-free, and you can choose from a wide array of instruments such as brass, bass, lead, keys, and percussion.

The visual interface is easy to navigate and can be used by beginners looking for a quick and easy plugin to install for their DAW.

The ‘preset browser’ is located on the top and can quickly switch between the different presets. Once you have selected a sound, you can set the depth and rate of the LFO modulation.

Using the ‘wave’ button, you can also customize the modulation type (triangle, sin, saw, square, and exponent). The ‘filter’ section lets you choose between a highpass or a lowpass filter and set a cutoff amount.

Additionally, you can build your sound to be either polyphonic, monophonic, or legato. When in legato mode, use the ‘glide’ knob to adjust the portamento speed.

There are also ‘gain,’ ‘pan,’ and ‘reverb’ dials to set the global output.

You can get your free copy of the plugin from the Audiolatry website. The download file is 352 MB and 490MB when fully extracted, making it a light file to store on your machine. The installation is a quick and straightforward process.

“RetroVibes Lite is a free sample-based virtual instrument plugin (ROMpler) for DAWs and other plugin hosts operating on Windows and macOS. At its base are a series of samples captured from hardware and software sources (synths, emulators, etc). This Lite version comes with 16 presets taken from the full RetroVibes (48 presets). Everything is 100% functional as the full version.”

If you enjoy making synthwave or vaporwave music, then you should give this plugin a try. The synth and bass sounds of the 80s have made a heady comeback over the last few years.

This can also be a good plugin for musicians who make EDM, pop, hip hop, house, and synthpop.

The good thing about this plugin is the fact it’s free. If you enjoy the sounds and think they make an excellent addition to your library, you can always purchase the entire pack.

Download: RetroVibes Lite

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