Slate Digital Offers 16 Sample Packs For FREE!


Slate Digital is offering 16 sample packs for FREE until January 1, 2022. All you have to do is sign up with your email and phone number to download them.

Slate Digital is well-known for its extensive range of plugins and sample packs, and these free ones span across every genre imaginable.

You can get individual packs from the 16 sample packs available or all of them if you want. Here’s a complete list of the included sample packs:

  • Pasadena Pop
  • Axe Modern Guitar
  • Vibrations Ambient Electronic
  • Satin R&B
  • Midnight Synthwave
  • Aurora LoFi
  • Seismic Drum
  • Empress Trapsoul
  • Basshole Bass
  • Omnivox Vocal
  • Hip-Hop
  • EDM
  • Custom 808 Collection
  • Vintage Analog Drums Vol 1
  • Vintage Analog Drums Vol 2
  • Vintage Analog Drums Vol 3

Most of the packs have 500-800 samples, though some are much smaller, like the 808 Collection, which has 60 samples. With such an extensive library of sounds, the possibilities are absolutely limitless.

You get everything you could ask for with these packs – basslines, drums, vocals, guitar riffs, synths, pads, and more. And they’re sampled from some of the most iconic sounds you’ve ever heard.

The most significant advantage of these sample packs is the speed at which you can produce music. They’re ready-made, well-produced without compromising quality, and don’t require much processing.

The samples are 100% royalty-free. So feel free to use, modify and take inspiration from the tracks available in each pack, even for commercial use.

Using the samples is as simple as dragging and dropping the WAV files into your DAW. But a sample organizer like the free ADSR Sample Manager is recommended to keep your files in order. It makes the process of handling thousands of samples a breeze, and it’ll work just like a plugin inside your DAW.

All samples are WAV files for maximum quality, though this makes the libraries large as a whole. The 16 sample packs will occupy roughly 16-18 GB of space on your device, so make sure you have the disk space before downloading them.

Check out Slate Digital’s Soundcloud to hear these sample packs in action.

The Hip-Hop and EDM sample packs also have MIDI files that can be used directly or just as a source of inspiration. It might inspire you to create new chord progressions!

The packs are FREE only until 1st January 2022. Don’t miss out!

More info: Slate Digital

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Anshul Jain is a content writer and session guitarist from India. An avid fan of rock and metal, he is 1/6th of the progressive act Black Flower.


  1. Thank you Anshul! Everyone, please get at least some of those packs. The Slate samples are some of the best free samples I have ever heard, great stuff. Note: If you entered your email address on the website and didn’t get an email, you might already have a Slate account from an earlier free offer. In that case, just log in to your account and all the sample packs will be there until 1st January 2022.

  2. The website just freezes up when I press the button that says “GET THEM FOR FREE!”. is this happening to anyone else? Really want to download these.

  3. Seems like the deal is broken? Clicking the button for any of the sample packs just removes my ability to scroll up and down the webpage. There’s no link attached. I assume this is one of those things where you have to have a paid subscription to access the “free” content?

    • Update: I thought the “all access pass” was some paid plan, but I guess all you had to do was log into their main site. Thanks, Matthew!

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