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With a whopping 91% OFF right now on Audio Plugin Deals, you can get Audio Design Desk for just $99 instead of $1099 (macOS only).

Note, the offer applies to the perpetual license version and not the subscription version. That means that you can permanently own this innovative software for a fraction of its original price!

There’s some sad news I have to share first though – this digital audio workstation is currently macOS only (10.13 or higher). There’s no information about a Windows release just yet, so we’re going to have to wait and watch.

Audio Design Desk is a next-gen DAW that has been making ripples among audio editing software enthusiasts since its release. It has won several accolades for being an innovative, fast, and potent tool. It’s truly one of the best sound design tools to have come out recently.

ADD is leagues ahead of the average DAW with loads of different features.

Sonic Intelligence

The most advanced feature of ADD is the use of Artificial Intelligence to speed up your workflow. ADD has a massive library of 35,000 royalty-free sounds.

When you import sounds into the DAW or use a particular kind from the library, ADD recognizes what you need. It will recommend relevant samples to you when ordered to replace a track.

ADD also recognizes the significance of the sounds you import and automatically adds them to appropriate spots. It’s like having the machine do half your work for you!


You can synchronize ADDs functionality with whatever other DAW you are used to working in. This includes Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Avid, Premiere Pro, Reaper, Final Cut, and more.

This helps you take advantage of ADD’s editing magic and speed within your usual DAW workflow.

Trigger Pad

You can program any sound sample to be triggered by a specific key on your keyboard. This makes ADD perfect for audio design, not only for music but also for videos. Despite being a DAW, ADD supports video playback, making it a studio universalist.

In video playback, when you hit a key that you programmed to trigger a sound, it adds the sound to the spot in the video where you hit it.

This feature can save you hours by reducing the time spent fidgeting with samples to set them in the right places. This is, however, just a simple example. ADD is far more complex and programmable than this if you want it to be.

ADD is relatively new, currently being version 1.8. There are new features being added as it is updated. You can check out a quick demo of its capabilities here:

Sound designing can be a pretty difficult and tiring task, especially when you’re dealing with hundreds (or thousands) of samples. ADD takes care of a lot of the hassle and helps you stay creative without burning out. Honestly, I can’t even wait to try this on Windows.

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