A Sound Effect Releases FREE Sound Library For Christmas


A Sound Effect has released a new sound effects library for Christmas – the Buzzy EMF library by Mike Romaniak.

What can be better than waking up to an early Christmas gift like this! To download the freebie, head to their website, share their post (not mandatory, however), and instantly download the pack for FREE!

This effect library made by Mike Romaniak gives you 30 unique EMF sounds. Mike Romaniak has gone to great lengths recording the electrical and mechanical hum out of a wide range of seemingly everyday, mundane things.

He used devices like a microwave, a refrigerator, an electronic door lock, a cordless vacuum, a desktop computer, an Xbox controller, and more!

This effects library is perfect for creative sound design, especially in sci-fi, horror, fantasy, and other genres. Whether you’re composing soundtracks for films, TV shows, podcasts, or just trying to add some creativity to your music, the use cases for this EMF library seem endless.

I tried all the samples myself, and I have to say that they are surprisingly accurate and very authentic. They represent the electromagnetic noise these devices make, and with 30 different sounds, you have a lot to play with here.

They work well even in layers but be careful, or you might just end up with too much noise. All 30 recordings follow the Universal Category System (UCS) and have relevant metadata embedded, so it’s easy to use them with sample managers.

Here’s a quick demo of the sounds you can get, but I recommend downloading and testing them yourself:

The recordings total 33 minutes in length and take up 1.1 GB of space on your disk once unpacked. They are all stereo, 24-bit, 96kHz WAV files.

Many of the sounds from this library radiate a kind of dystopian, psychedelic energy. One of my personal favorites is the sound of the electronic door lock code – I could definitely see some uses for it in the intro of a song.

Indie Sound Awards

Also, check out the Indie Sound Awards that A Sound Effect is hosting. You can visit their website to submit your own nominees in a range of awards, from ‘Best Sound Effects Library’ to ‘Best Plugin,’ ‘Best Virtual Instrument,’ and a couple more genre-specific awards.

And for more good news, there’s a bonus to voting. When you submit a nominee, you automatically participate in a random draw to win Mindful Audio’s 300+ GB Nature / Wildlife Sound Effects Bundle ($735 value). Completing all the steps on their giveaway page would increase your chances!

It definitely feels like it’s turning out to be a Merry Christmas with so many free effects, plugins, and giveaways!

Download: Buzzy EMF

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    • Neverminds, it’s in the video description. “A stereo EMF microphone made of two inductive pickups, a PVC pipe, some hockey tape, and two googly eyes.”

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