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Dear reader, thank you for following Bedroom Producers Blog in 2021!

It was a fantastic year for BPB.

We released a new plugin (BPB Dirty Spring), two sample packs (Samplefino Analogue Drums and BPB Analog Kicks), launched a new sound design label (Flame Sound), offered four exclusive limited-time freebies to our readers (BABY Audio I Heart NY, AudioThing Texture, Waves OneKnob Wetter, IK Multimedia Orchestral Percussion), and published hundreds of articles.

But most importantly, the BPB community is growing, and it feels incredible to share all the latest music production news and freebies with you every day.

Thank you for all the comments, emails, and support. ❤️

To celebrate all of this as we’re waiting for the year 2022, we’re launching a giveaway with 22 prizes for 22 lucky winners!

The Prizes 

All the prizes are listed below, sorted in alphabetical order. 🎁

A huge THANK YOU goes to the giveaway sponsors: AudioThing, BABY Audio, Boom Library, IK Multimedia, ModeAudio, UJAM, and Yum Audio.


AudioThing offers three Gong Amp licenses:

Gong Amp is AudioThing’s new plugin, developed in collaboration with Berlin-based composer Hainbach. It’s an experimental percussion instrument based on the Resonator Metallik.

AudioThing is currently running a Holiday Sale with a 35% OFF deal on all plugins.

More info: AudioThing

BABY Audio

BABY Audio offers three audio plugins (one plugin per winner):

We reviewed all three plugins on BPB. Learn more in our Smooth Operator, TAIP, and Spaced Out reviews.

BABY Audio is currently offering Gift Cards. Why not surprise one of your music producer friends with a BABY Audio plugin this holiday season?

More info: BABY Audio

Boom Library

Boom Library offers three amazing sound design tools:

We reviewed Enrage earlier this year, so check out that article for more info. EnForcer and liftFX are equally exciting sound design tools designed to add a cinematic feel to your productions.

Boom Library currently offers a $25 discount to all customers. Use the coupon code XMAS25-2021 at checkout to apply the discount to your order.

More info: Boom Library

Flame Sound

Flame Sound is my new sound design label, launched in 2021. You can win three Flame Sound prizes:

Learn more about Inferno SFX in our news article (and download a free collection of 50 cinematic sound effects).

Flame Sound currently offers a $10 discount to all customers. Use the coupon code HOLIDAY10 to apply the discount to your order.

More info: Flame Sound

IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia offers three epic prizes:

Total Studio 3.5 MAX doesn’t need an introduction. It is IK Multimedia’s ultimate bundle, with countless audio plugins and sounds. AmpliTube 5 MAX is the flagship software for guitarists, and MixBox is a versatile audio effects rack for music production and sound design.

IK Multimedia is celebrating its 25th Anniversary with a huge sale. Visit the 25th Anniversary Grand Finale page for more information.

More info: IK Multimedia


ModeAudio offers a 3.7 GB sound bundle:

Orchestral Textures Bundle includes seven ModeAudio releases. It contains orchestral textures, drones, string tones, and piano soundscapes.

ModeAudio is running the Winter Sale with a 30% OFF deal on all products.

More info: ModeAudio


UJAM offers a bundle and two plugins:

You can check out my Finisher NEO article for more info about the plugin. UJAM’s unique Finisher Series is a collection of easy-to-use sound design tools that sound great while incredibly easy to operate. The audio magic happens under the hood, and the user can tweak the sounds using simple controls.

UJAM’s new Usynth Bundle is available for preorder (33% OFF) until January 19th, 2022.

More info: UJAM

Yum Audio

Yum Audio offers three excellent audio effects:

We recently published an article about Yum Audio plugins. Their audio effects are fantastic tools for adding movement and depth to your projects.

Yum Audio is currently running the Christmas Sale with special offers on bundles and single products. Get the Yum LoFi Bundle for $99 (was $199), Yum Everything Bundle for $129 (was $249), Spread, Tapestop, Playtime for $39 (were $99 each), and Spread light for $5 only (was $49)

More info: Yum Audio

The Giveaway

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment below.

The winners will be selected randomly and announced on December 31st, 2021.

Happy holidays and thanks for reading BPB! :)

The Winners

Hey everyone, apologies for the delay.

If you follow BPB on Twitter, Facebook, or if you’re subscribed to the BPB Newsletter, you already know that I became a father two weeks ago. This is why I had to postpone most of my work for some time, including announcing the BPB Giveaway winners.

The winners are:


  1. Prismatic Brain: p************[email protected] (Gong Amp)
  2. Kiran: l******@gmail.com (Gong Amp)
  3. samuel: m*********[email protected] (Gong Amp)

BABY Audio

  1. Ryan: rk*****@v******.*** (Smooth Operator)
  2. Daf: Bio***********@gmail.com (Taip)
  3. Daniel: d********[email protected] (Spaced Out)

Boom Library

  1. Brenda Haines: c***********[email protected] (EnRage)
  2. Alvin: 3******@*****.com (EnForcer)
  3. Vlasis Logothetis: v*******@gmail.com (liftFX)

Flame Sound

  1. Peter: p********[email protected] (Inferno SFX)
  2. Oper-8: o****@****.** (Inferno SFX)
  3. Ryan Boyce: r*******@*****.com (Inferno SFX)

IK Multimedia

  1. Jean Jacques: j**************[email protected] (Total Studio 3.5 MAX)
  2. jay jay: j*********[email protected] (AmpliTube 5 MAX)
  3. Lyrical Glitch: l*************[email protected] (MixBox)


  1. Cris: c***@********o.de (Orchestral Textures Bundle)


  1. Soroosh: S****************@hotmail.com (Finisher Series Bundle)
  2. Maciek: m*****@*******.** (Finisher NEO)
  3. WardC: w***.************[email protected] (Finisher RETRO)

Yum Audio

  1. Shawn Kimble: s*******@*****.com (LoFi Flux Machine)
  2. David A Paskey: d**********@*****.*** (LoFi Playtime)
  3. Jose Mari Ibanez: j***********9@*****.*** (LoFi Tapestop)

Congratulations! 🥳

The prizes will be delivered within 48 hours from now. Please check your SPAM folder, too.

Thank you all for reading BPB. More content, freebies, giveaways, and surprises coming in 2022!

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