DSPplug Releases FREE (Open-Source) Titan Gate Plugin


DSPplug has recently launched Titan Gate, an envelope follower noise gate VST plugin. You can get it for FREE as a direct download at KVR Audio. However, it is only available for Windows-based digital audio workstations.

Titan Gate adapts to the input signal and gives a more dynamic result than straightforward noise suppression software that tends to cut particular frequencies and amplitudes completely.

The plugin’s controls and UI are very straightforward compared to other similar plugins. There are four controls and an oversample toggle. The oversample feature is useful for avoiding aliasing.

You can set the noise threshold in decibels, along with attack and release parameters. There is also a high-pass filter module that helps clean up the low-end frequencies.

While it’s not visually striking, Titan Gate’s simplicity does help get the job done. Denoising your recordings using this is quick, especially if you have a lot of different samples to handle and limited time.

Titan Gate was built using the Flowstone platform, which makes it really simple to program audio plugins, gadgets, and even robotics. If you’re interested, you can get more info at DSP Robotic’s website

Here is a demonstration of Titan Gate’s capabilities:

Titan Gate comes in the VST2 and VST3 plugin formats. The plugin falls under the Open-Source MIT license, so its code is available for everyone to use and rebuild.

The plugin itself was inspired by code from Bootsie (the developer behind Variety Of Sound), who has previously developed similarly excellent plugins. Don’t miss Variety Of Sound’s recently released TesslaSE mkII plugin.

DSPplug has developed other valuable plugins, some free and some paid. You can check them all out at KVR Audio.

Some of the free plugins are Titan Limiter (limiter), Esquire3 (limiter), Blumlein Shield (noise suppression), and Blumlein Haas. The paid plugins are all affordable and include a variety of noise suppressors, presence enhancers, EQ controls, and several other mixing tools.

Personally, I think plugins like Titan Gate are the perfect complement to all bedroom producers – free, open-source, and straightforward to use. It’s not fancy, but it’s still a lightweight, useful noise gate that’s quick to dial in.

Download: Titan Gate (7.13 MB download size, ZIP archive, 64-bit VST2/VST3 plugin format for Windows)

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