Trigger 2 Free Is A Drum Replacement Plugin By Steven Slate Drums


Steven Slate Drums offers Trigger 2 Free, a drum replacement VST plugin for macOS and Windows.

Trigger 2 Free is a never-expiring demo of Trigger 2, which sells for $119.99.

The full version comes with a whole bunch of drum samples created by a collection of top mixers. Those mixers include Steven Slate, Chris Lord Alge, Dave Way, and many more.

Trigger 2 Free doesn’t come with the same arsenal of samples, but it has enough to be very useful with six kicks and six snares.

Trigger 2 Free gives you a free and easy way to replace or augment drums that miss the mark. It’s pretty standard for a track to lack the desired impact because the kick or snare isn’t quite right.

I played in a college band with a good drummer many years ago as a student. The problem was that he had a horrible snare that we referred to as the biscuit tin. He was extremely fond of that snare, and needless to say, it took the shine off recordings for those of us who hated it. I would have put trigger 2 Free to work if I had it back then.

In all fairness, I doubt the snare was the only thing that sounded bad in our band, but in our minds, we were amazing!

Inserting Trigger 2 Free on your snare track, for example, allows you to replace/augment the troublesome snare with the new sound. While the original audio is muted, it acts as a trigger for the sample. On the GUI, a display will show your audio signal along with two white lines. Those white lines represent the threshold; anything beyond the threshold will show a red indicator and trigger the sample.

You can use the Detail knob to adjust the threshold to make sure you capture quieter hits. You can even adjust Sensitivity to suppress leakage (kick drum on snare track, for example) and avoid accidental triggers.

The twelve included samples each come with three mic positions that you can blend. You can trigger up to eight samples simultaneously with individual level, pan, and tune controls.

There’s also a free Trigger Instrument Editor that lets you create multi-velocity, round-robin drum samples that you can use in Trigger 2.

I think Trigger 2 Free could be a very handy freebie that could save time and a few mixes.

Trigger 2 Free is available in 64-bit AU, VST, and AAX for macOS (64-bit only/10.9 and up) and Windows 7 upwards (32/64-bit).

Just create an account at Steven Slate Audio to get the freebie (not at Slate Digital).

More info: Trigger 2 Free (iLok account required for authorization)

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  1. Michal Ochedowski


    This reminds me of Reaper’s never-ending evaluation period. A non-obtrusive pop-up window, that informs you – hey, you could purchase the license. And it actually works. Not sure about this drum replacer though.

  2. Just some corrections. 2 kicks, 2 snares. Each has 3 layers, direct mic, room, ambience. Or overhead, I don’t know.
    But good samples and Triggering works really well.

    Instrument editor is free, but those samples cannot be used in Trigger 2 free version.
    “cannot load non demo samples”.

    Thanks anyway, really good trigger, even with those 4 samples only!

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