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VST Alarm offers the Vox Engine 2 sound library by Red Sounds as a FREE download for a limited time only.

Vox Engine 2 by Red Sounds is a Kontakt library that offers vocal melodies for electronic music. The Kontakt patch features several controls for customizing the sound.

You can get Vox Engine 2 for FREE until April 6th, 2022, at VST Alarm’s website. Vox Engine 2 requires Kontakt full version 5.5.1 or higher to run.

Vox Engine 2 is inspired by artists like Martin Garrix, Jack U, DJ Snake, Marshmello, and Diplo. The included vocal sample content is ideal for music with significant electronic influences, such as RnB, House, Pop, Trap, and Hip-Hop.

The library has 130 unique presets, available as separate NKI files. All sounds available in this library are 100% royalty-free. According to the developer, all samples were recorded by professional vocalists in the Red Sounds Studio, using two microphones for better depth.

Aside from the presets, Vox Engine 2 has several sound customization controls on its interface: ADSR Envelope, Reverb, Speed, Glide, LPS Cutoff, HPF, Delay, Delay Time, Chorus, Mono/Poly, Resolution, Vibrato Speed, Vibrato Mix, Drive, Stutter Speed, and Pulse Width.

If you don’t want to be limited by the presets, you can record your own vocals and edit them within Vox Engine 2 as well.

The interface has a modern look with neon blue accents and low-poly style knobs – fitting for a Kontakt library heavily influenced by electronica. The instruments use a low amount of RAM and CPU, so it’s easy to load several instances and create large arrangements.

The new updates in this second version of Vox Engine are:

  • Chorus, Vibrato, Delay, and Stutter controls;
  • Polyphony, which allows you to make vocal chords instead of just notes and melodies.

Note that you’ll have to sign up at VST Alarm and Red Sounds. The download size for this Kontakt library is 60 MB.

If you like Vox Engine 2, you can check out Vox Engine 3 as well, which is currently available for $35. It includes more presets and better sound manipulation.

Download: Vox Engine 2 (FREE @ VST Alarm)

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