Diginoiz TrapDrive Distortion Effect Is FREE Until May 8th


To celebrate its 12th anniversary, Diginoiz is offering its TrapDrive (€19.90 value) plugin for FREE until May 8th!

Trap is an ever prevalent genre that continues to grow in popularity and influence other styles of music as well.

Diginoiz is no amateur to the trap, hip-hop, and r&b game. TrapDrive is a representation of their refined taste in these genres.

At its core, TrapDrive is a heavy-hitting, gritty distortion and saturation plugin.

Anyone familiar with the genre knows that producers often push the limits. It’s not uncommon to clip tracks, distort 808s, and oversaturate vocals.

TrapDrive was explicitly built to achieve these effects, and on the Diginoiz website, they even claim that it’s “(probably) the first distortion dedicated to trap music.”

The plugin is quite simple and features four central knobs to control input, type (of distortion), amount, and output. Additionally, there’s an option to suppress DC offset and oversample your signal.

Despite only a handful of main controls, TrapDrive still has a lot of versatility.

Users can toggle between eight different types of distortion, such as hard clipping or bit crushing.

Once choosing the desired type, it’s easy to fine-tune the amount to achieve your desired level of distortion.

While TrapDrive was designed for producers looking to create headbanging, moshpit-inducing beats, producers can also use it more moderately to add subtle texture and depth to their tracks.

As I mentioned earlier, trap music heavily influences other genres. Even pop artists such as Glass Animals have incorporated genre elements into chart-topping tracks like “Heat Waves.”

Whether you’re looking to push a track to its limits or add a bit of distortion to help a track cut through the mix, TrapDrive offers a lot of versatile effects any producer could add to their toolbox,

As with any heavy distortion plugin, keeping your headphone/speaker volume low is crucial. It’s easy to go from zero to 100 with these types of effects, and it’s essential to watch your ear health so that you can continue to produce.

To get this plugin, follow the link to the Diginoiz website and add TrapDrive to your cart. Fill out your personal/shipping information, and you’ll receive a download link and instructions to get your plugin!

TrapDrive is compatible with Windows 7 and newer or macOS 10.12 and newer. It is compatible with any 64-bit DAW that supports VST3 and AU formats.

Download: TrapDrive (FREE until May 8th)


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