Hatz HiHat Rolls Engine Is FREE With Any Purchase @ ADSR Sounds


ADSR Sounds offer the Hatz HiHat Rolls Engine ($79.50 value) plugin by Thenatan as a FREE bonus with any purchase this month.

Hatz HiHat Rolls Engine is a percussion engine designed to make creating HiHat and snare rolls super-easy. It has a retail price of $79.50, but you can get it free with any purchase at ADSR Sounds until August 31st, 2022.

HiHat and snare rolls are prominent in multiple genres, especially things like Hip Hop and Trap. There are many ways to create them, and it’s something that most beatmakers will spend quite a bit of time doing.

It’s one thing to spend a lot of time doing something because you do it so often, but it’s another to spend a long time doing something because the process is so tedious.

If I’m making any kind of Hip Hop (or sub-genre) beat, I typically add HiHat rolls using the MPC’s Note Repeat function because I like the hands-on feel and the ease of jumping between 16s, 32s, and so on.

If you aren’t using similar hardware, there are still plenty of options, and one of them is via the piano roll in your DAW, which is tedious at best, and soul-destroying at worst.

Anyone who is working that way should be interested in Hatz. As I mentioned on the MPC, Hatz also makes it easy to switch between various note divisions (1/8, 1/16, etc.), and it goes all the way to 1/256. You can trigger different divisions using MIDI notes if you have a keyboard controller.

Hatz also gives you a Designer section where you can adjust things like Gain, Pitch, Pan, and Filter settings. Changing the HiHat pitch or having it sweep from left to right are common techniques for beatmakers, and anything that can help you employ these techniques faster is a good thing.

It doesn’t end with creating a pattern; Hatz has some high-quality built-in effects, including Reverb, Delay, Saturation, and more. The user-friendly engine features over 550 HiHat and Percussion samples, with the option to import custom samples.

Hatz could save you time when creating patterns, and it could also save you time spent trying to think of a pattern by using its Intelligent Randomizer function.

As a freebie, it seems like a win-win for beatmakers!

On the topic of free drum stuff, Windows users should check out RF-Drums from Ronan Fed.

More info: Hatz HiHat Rolls Engine (FREE with any purchase @ ADSR Sounds)

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  1. i just purchased this and i thought having the new mpc controller made hi hats dope. this thing is amazing. As of today its 10 bucks on the site and the hidden feature is the patterns. it lets you change what type of patterns each note triggers. yeah insane. the only issue is it doesnt output the midi, so i have to output the audio to trigger midi notes. The only con other than that. A1

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