Get Lunacy Audio CUBE Mini For $10 (80% OFF)


Lunacy Audio’s new CUBE Mini plugin is on sale for $10 at Plugin Boutique, down 80% from the usual retail price of $49.00.

CUBE Mini is a cut-down version of CUBE, a hybrid sampler and vector synth with an interesting interface. CUBE Mini allows producers to blend up to eight samplers with a three-dimensional vector synthesizer interface which allows for complex and evolving sounds.

CUBE Mini comes packaged with 120 production-ready presets, which can be changed with thirteen packaged effects modules. These effects include filters, EQs, many flavors of distortion, modulation effects, reverbs, and delays.

Another neat feature of CUBE Mini is a randomize function, which takes advantage of the many parameters and thirty-five sound sources to create truly unique patches easily. Also available but not discounted, unfortunately, are expansions that further broaden the sound sources for CUBE Mini.

At the core of CUBE Mini are eight independent samplers. These samplers have their own filters, envelopes, sequencers, pan, reverse, and tuning controls.

CUBE Mini presents a rock-solid value for $10, allowing producers to experience Lunacy Audio’s unique take on an instrument without having to commit to the full version. Plugin Boutique doesn’t currently offer an upgrade path to the full version from the purchase of CUBE Mini, but the ability to load the same expansion packs does at least give some degree of parity with its parent instrument.

Despite being a smaller version of CUBE, there’s plenty to offer for any producer looking to add a little something extra to their current productions. Presets range from typical synthesizer and sampled instrument material to rich and diverse evolving sounds full of motion.

The instrument itself seems right at home for electronic productions, cinematic compositions, or anything that could use a slightly different twist from genre conventions.

CUBE Mini is for Windows and macOS computers, with the available formats being VST, AU, and AAX.

This is part of Plugin Boutique’s massive Black Friday deals. The sale itself runs through until December 4th, 2022. If purchased now, the deal allows for the addition of a freebie either from zPlane with DECODA LE or Melda Production’s MReverbMB.

Get the deal: CUBE Mini (only $10 @ Plugin Boutique)


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