Thenatan DEVIL Multi-Mode Distortion is FREE For A Limited Time


Thenatan is offering their new distortion plugin called DEVIL as a free download until November 20th.

DEVIL is a multi-mode distortion intended to inflict sonic mayhem and destroy sounds in some unique ways. Up for offer are six different types of distortion, ranging from mild tube-based saturation to abrasive and harsh digital distortion.

The interface is simple, offering up to six distortion selections at the bottom of the interface, ranging from mildest to most extreme. With each of these selections, the central graphic of the devil’s head grows larger horns.

Redux acts as a central bitcrusher, adding digital crust and aliasing. Having a bitcrusher handy makes for some creative distortion choices, adding some digital flavor to an otherwise analog-flavored signal.

Devilize acts as the central control applying distortion. It can be a little heavy-handed. Experimentation yielded pleasing saturation at 3-4dB on the first setting. More extreme distortions are immediately apparent with selecting the various modes.

The most extreme setting goes into utter sonic annihilation with just minimal devilize settings and can destroy any signal fed to it in short order.

Claiming your free copy of Devil is relatively simple, with the checkout process only requiring an email to proceed.

After verifying your email address, Devil is deposited in an easily viewed order form. Available formats are equally diverse, with VST and VST3 supported on Windows systems and VST, VST3, and AU supported on Mac computers.

Activation is equally simple, with no intrusive DRM or activation methods present upon installation.

Thenatan calls Devil “an aggressive multi-mode distortion plug-in programmed to thicken up or destroy any sound in unique ways.”

This certainly checks out, as Devil easily unleashes sonic mayhem. The interface is simplistic and clean, though it’s sadly lacking in documentation or a manual.

Devil is lacking in any sort of presets, which is a real shame because it would be nice to see how the developers see its intended use for a variety of instruments and drum sounds.

It’s free for a limited time, so be sure to snag it before it jumps up to the suggested retail price of $50 USD.

Download: Thenatan Devil


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  1. To be honest I will not use this plugin just because there are a lot of other plugins like this and secondly it promotes devil in the world where the devil’s agenda is pushed in music, films, games, etc, every corner. Just because it is free doesn’t mean I need it.

  2. The Jesus ***** are out in full dress today, I see. The plugin is cool, the UI is cool. And for a freebie, I think it’s worth giving a shot! Thenatan has some decent plugins. [MOD EDIT: language]

    • I’m not a Jesus freak at all, but I agree that the devil/satanic stuff is absurd at this point. SHRED isn’t lying. The WEF and Schwab are absolutely pushing this agenda whether people believe in it or not. They have it in their logo (666), they have the numbers in their patents, they make the hand signs in clear sight. It all sounds like conspiracy nonsense until you actually do a little digging. Not Christian myself, but I still won’t support the negative energy. Happy to see people on here who aren’t sleeping like the rest of the plebs. So many people think supporting this stuff makes them edgy or hip, nah it just helps grow more negative vibes. Anyways, enjoy the music all. Love this site and the freebies for the most part. But won’t be grabbing this one.

      • wow ! Did you all forget distorsion is rock music main attribute and “devil stuff” a major element of the great rock&roll circus ? I guess some of you fainted just seing Kiss (the band, not the judah’s one) on a screen. I would be more circonspect with brands and people wearing a too explicit angelic face. Is Devil not always wearing a mask ?

  3. Decent plug-in – free – cool UI – and … you don’t have to sell your souls to use it because it’s free. Hahhahaha the world is ending and this plugin got a few all hot and bothered. Go make some music

    Please don’t pray for me — 😈

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