Get 1.8 TB Of Royalty-Free Sounds For $15 On Black Friday


Free To Use Sounds just launched their biggest sale ever, offering the All Sounds Bundle with 1.8 TB of royalty-free sounds for $15 this weekend.

The All Sounds Bundle contains all sounds released by Marcel Gnauk, the field recording enthusiast behind Free To Use Sounds. He travels the world with his girlfriend Libby and captures field recordings in interesting places, from busy cities to various nature spots.

The collection contains literally any field recording you might ever need for video and music projects. You’ll find a wide variety of rain, crowds, winds, waves, room ambiance, sports, trains, cars, and almost any other type of sound imaginable.

All sounds are provided as high-quality WAV files, and the collection also includes VR, DMS, and BINAURAL recordings. Also, all sounds are royalty-free.

The bundle is a 1.8 TB collection with over 10,000 individual recordings. Even better, the collection keeps growing any month, and your purchase includes lifetime free updates.

Marcel and Libby are running one of the coolest audio-related projects I know of, and I had the pleasure of meeting them when they visited Zagreb a couple of years ago. Marcel recorded our tennis match (it was a draw!), and those sounds are also included in the download.

Their story of traveling the world and recording sounds was recently featured on CNN Travel.

So, if you need a huge collection of high-quality field recordings and foley, look no further.

To get the best deal ever on the All Sounds Bundle, use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout. The link below should already include the discount, though.

FULL DISCLOSURE: This article includes affiliate links, and BPB may receive a commission when you make a purchase.

Get the deal: All Sounds Bundle (only $15 with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY)


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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Is Free To Use Sounds affiliated with BPB ?
    I am unsure why this particular deal is highlighted, when there are so many other deals worthy of similar promotion on BPB

    • When affiliated, it’s usually stated in the article.
      There’s a long list of deals in the main Black Friday article (link at the top of the page).
      My guess is this only benefits as an update, because it’s easier to spot the long list once and then have additional deals added as news.

      OT: the news article of Valhalla Supermassive v2.5.0 gives a blank page. o_O?

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hey Numanoid, yes, it’s affiliated, and I added the disclosure to the article. This particular deal is highlighted because this is the highest discount ever on the FTUS bundle, and I honestly think it’s an incredible deal.

      As for similar promotions, I cover my favorite deals as separate articles, and I try to cover everything else in the Black Friday post. That said, Black Friday is becoming more and more exhausting each year, and it’s physically impossible to cover everything. I’m considering doing a smaller coverage next year and only focusing on deals that are 70% or more or if it’s a particularly good product that is rarely discounted.

      Thank you for all the suggestions so far in the comments. I really appreciate the support (and I’m sure many readers are finding the suggestions helpful).

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