Oscilloscope By OSC Audio Is FREE For A Limited Time


OSC Audio offers the Oscilloscope plugin as a free download for a limited time. The price will be $1 after the free download offer ends.

If you’re into synthesis, chances are an oscilloscope is a familiar tool. If you’re looking for a free one, then look no further than OSC Audio’s Oscilloscope. This freebie is free only for a limited time before it returns to its retail price of $1.

Oscilloscope is stereo capable and features a variety of controls for customizing and visualizing your waveforms.

Metering is present on the front panel, with RMS and peak readings directly above the waveform readout.

Vertical and horizontal offsets can be input through the dials on both stereo channels, allowing for a little more granularity and control. Line thickness, rotation, and phase controls are also present.

Oscilloscope is rather spartan as a utility, but it doesn’t need to be an effects suite for its intended purpose.

It is clear and easy to read, minimal on resource usage, and rather handy for synthesis purposes.

There are other alternatives, but this one does provide native M1 support for Mac users and has a standalone app for visualizing sounds on your computer directly.

Oscilloscope is available for Windows and Mac computers, with VST3 on Windows and VST3 and AU support for macOS.

OSC Audio has made it free for a limited time, and there are plans for mobile producers to snag it on iOS later on. You can use the code YOUKNOWME to download the plugin for free (the link below already has the free download code applied).

Download: Oscilloscope


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  1. When I executed the file, I got a warning, Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk. Is this safe to run?

    • I’ve gotten this same type of warning from plugins that I got from Puremagnetik and some others. I think it has something to do with how they label the plugin installer or don’t label it.

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