Black Rooster Magnetite 62% Off At VSTBuzz For A Limited Time


VSTBuzz launched a 62% OFF deal on Magnetite (€19 sale price), a tape emulation plugin by Black Rooster Audio.

The sounds and quirks of yesteryear certainly add a certain something to productions. Whether it’s the digital aliasing of old converters and samplers or the warm flutter of tape, there’s a place for it in contemporary music.

For those wanting to impart some of that tape warmth to their next production, VSTBuzz has Black Rooster Audio’s Magnetite on sale until February 7th.

Magnetite isn’t the idealized mastering tape of yesteryear but rather a processor oozing with dirt and character. A panel of simple controls will greet users upon their first instantiation of the plugin.

A trio of different tape types is the first notable control. Each of these tape types presents different tonal qualities and affects how Magnetite saturates and accentuates the signal of your audio. More overt harmonic content is added with the red tape, while more subtle saturation and coloration are applied when using the black tape.

The tape types work in conjunction with the tape speed, which ranges from 7.5 to 15ips. A tape speed of 7.5 lends more grit to a signal and can move to outright distortion when pushed with the less subtle tapes. On the other hand, 15ips isn’t as rude and in-your-face, but it still has a pleasing effect with the more subtle black tape on instrument groups.

Biasing and gain controls round out the controls available to users. Biasing also works to accentuate high-frequency attenuation as well as overall saturation. The gain controls work as expected, allowing users to reduce or give headroom to the tape before the output stage.

Magnetite is very much a character tape, but not one where you’d expect the various artifacts and flaws of tape to be present. Instead, the dirty non-linearities and harmonics imparted by tape are very much present but without the risk of flanging or fluttering the signal.

Magnetite is available for €19 until February 7th and is available for Windows and Mac users. Windows users have the option of VST, VST3, and AAX. Mac users can use VST, VST3, AAX, and AU plugin formats.

Get the deal: Magnetite (€19 sale price)

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  1. It is very good. I’ve had the oportunity to grab it for free by novation plugin collective. Since then I always use on my tracks to add some subtle flavor

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