Tracktion’s Powerful FM Synthesizer Is $29 For A Limited Time


VSTBuzz offers an 82% OFF deal on the F.’em FM Synthesizer by Tracktion until February 7th, 2023.

F.’em FM Synthesizer is one of the most powerful and versatile hybrid FM synthesizer plugins on the market. Coming from Tracktion, the company behind the Waveform 12 digital audio workstation, the instrument combines FM synthesis, virtual analog synthesis, and sample playback to generate a virtually unlimited array of sounds.

FM synthesis involves modulating the frequency of one waveform using another waveform. It can generate complex and rich timbres, making it a popular choice in electronic music. On the flipside, FM synthesis is far less intuitive than subtractive synthesis. F.’em remedies this by using a hybrid user interface that simplifies the sound design process.

F.’em sports a hybrid quad-timbral synthesis engine with an 11-operator matrix, 32-stage envelopes (with tempo-sync capabilities), a pair of 8-step flow LFO modules with eight waveforms, and a modulation matrix with 200 modulation slots.

The feature list doesn’t end there, though. F.’em FM Synthesizer also includes a set of built-in effects, an arpeggiator, macro control capabilities, a virtual keyboard, and a layering engine for building complex sounds.

F.’em FM Synthesizer is the perfect upgrade for music producers and sound designers bored with their current synth setup. It’s one of those virtual instruments that reward users who invest time in exploring the underlying capabilities of the synthesis engine.

But you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, either. F.’em can recreate the sounds of legendary FM synths like the classic Yamaha TX81Z, Yamaha DX7, and the high-end Yamaha GS1 (of which only 16 were sold).

For users who don’t quite get FM synthesis yet, F.’em includes over 500 presets that cover classic and innovative FM patches. It’s all there, from FM bass and electric pianos to lush pads and cinematic atmospheres.

F.’em typically costs €170, but VSTBuzz offers it for only €29 until February 7th, 2023. The instrument is available in VST2, AU, and AAX plugin formats for 64-bit plugin hosts on Windows and macOS.

Get the deal: F.’em FM Synthesizer (82% OFF until February 7th)


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